See You at PAX West 2023, Invaders!

PAX West is back! Wait, PAX West was already back? Wait, WE’RE BACK. As in, The Big Chicken™️ is bawk back (at PAX West)! Yes, you read that train of maybe confusing thoughts correctly – we’ll be at PAX West this year, September 1-4, at Booth #2317.

We have some exciting stuff planned, including the reveal of our first-ever, 2-player Alien Hominid Invasion arcade cabinet *gasp*! Competitions will run every dang day of the show, with different prize packs available to win. You better get your game face on!

Speaking of prizes.. we’ll have some raffles running throughout the weekend with new and exclusive merch, so be sure to stop by and check out the booth if you’re interested in free Behemoth swag! OH, and speaking of merch.. we’ll be bringing a myriad of items, including the return of PAX exclusive t-shirts and pins. PINS!!!!

There’s a lot of excitement to look forward to, huh? Oh PAX West, how we’ve missed you.

More announcements regarding merch and contests will pop up here leading up to the big weekend, but for now, we’ll leave you with this sneak peek of how our planning is coming along

That’s all for now, chickens. The journey to PAX West will continue in another blog post, on a day in the future that isn’t tomorrow (or probably the next day). We can’t wait to see your smiling, invading faces at another trade show! Until next time.