PAX West 2023: Competition and Giveaway Info

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, wait – it’s a bird (chicken) on a plane, headed to PAX West in Seattle! That’s right, our crew will be at the show from September 1st-4th at Booth #2317 with some arcade cabs, competitions of epic proportions, exclusive merch, and an infinite amount of bawks!

What games are you bringing, chicken overlord?

This time around, we’ll have arcade cabinets for Alien Hominid Invasion, Alien Hominid HD, Castle Crashers Remastered, and Back Off Barbarian. Come by, try out a few of our older titles, and check out the first-ever 2-player Invasion cabinet!

Castle Crashers Giveaway

We recently announced the upcoming Castle Crashers Nintendo Switch physical edition, and we want to keep the excitement going with a giveaway!

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the show, we’ll be giving away the PAX-exclusive Castle Crashers donut box (pictured above), in addition to a set of Joy-Cons with two of the original knights’ colors!

To enter, all you have to do is stop by the booth and fill out a raffle ticket from 10am-4pm on any day except Monday. Winners will be drawn at 4pm each day and contacted to pick up their prize before 5:30pm. Attendees can enter once per person, per day. Contest entries reset each day, so be sure to come back the next day to re-enter if your name isn’t drawn!

If you can’t make it to the show, stay tuned for a chance to win on Twitter!

Alien Hominid Invasion SPEEDRUN Extravaganza

From 4-5pm each day, we’ll be hosting a speedrun competition of the Alien Hominid Invasion demo, complete with totally-legit commentary from our community managers.

The speediest invader each day will win a grand prize goodie bag with a signed YouTooz figurine, Invasion-themed apparel, and more alien goodies! Two runner-ups daily will also win a smaller goodie bag with a bandana and keychain, so there’s even more incentive to join in on the speedy invasion fun.

Back Off Barbarian High Score ALL DAY CHALLENGE

Want to win some Castle Crashers merch by battling some barbarians? We have the contest for you! Our Back Off Barbarian challenge will take place all day, every day during show hours (10am-5pm).

To enter, get the high score on our Back Off Barbarian machine, enter your initials, take a pic of your score, and post it on Twitter with the hashtag #BehemothBOB23. At the end of the entry period at 5pm, the high score wins our grand prize – if that’s YOU, make sure you come back to the booth by show floor closing to claim your prize!

The leaderboards will reset each day with one competitor being crowned champion! The daily grand prize includes a signed Barbarian figurine, BRAND NEW Castle Crashers socks, and more goodies wrapped up in a Troll Baggu. Two runner-ups will also receive those newly-designed socks, simply because we love socks.

NOTE: To keep things on an equal playing field (and spread the love of comfy socks), attendees can only win each contest once.

That’s all we’ve got for now! As always, we’ll be posting updates on Twitter and Instagram leading up to and throughout the show weekend, possibly including a surprise or two… Who knows what the big chicken has in store?

Castle Crashers Crashes to Physical

Castle Crashers has broken through the digital world’s barrier! We were trying to contain the code as it floated around through the cracks in our office’s eggshell, when we saw it gravitating towards something… a Nintendo Switch cartridge?!

That’s right, Castle Crashers Remastered will soon be available in all its glory for Nintendo Switch as a physical product! The game will cost $29.99 and come with a sticker pack and character unlock guide. We’re pretty stoked, as this is the first time one of our games has been released in physical form since Alien Hominid HD was ported to the GameBoy Advance in 2006. Feel old yet?

You can first get your hands on the physical edition of Castle Crashers at PAX West, sold in a show-exclusive bundle of knightly goodies. Wait, something else is crashing into the physical world for the bundle? Is that a Blacksmith plushie?!

In addition to the game, the bundle (pictured above) includes a Blacksmith plushie, Castle Crashers lanyard, random character holo sticker, and a Necromancer postcard, all wrapped up in an adorably-themed donut box. The box will cost $50.00 and be sold daily throughout the show weekend, and the first 100 boxes sold will have a Castle Crashers medallion!

Can’t join us at PAX West? We’ll be hosting a giveaway for the bundle on Twitter (may the blue bird soar on in our hearts), so be sure to be ready to hit that retweet button. Outside of all this, pre-orders for the physical game itself will go live in our online store next month. Welcome to the physical world, Castle Crashers!