PAX East 2024 Daily Schedule

Has it really been an entire year since this chicken skipped around the PAX East expo hall? We can’t believe it, but PAX East 2024 is almost here, so it’s time to share all the cool stuff we have planned for the weekend!

From March 21-24, you can find us at Booth #16061 from 10:00am-6:00pm daily! Come by for our stellar arcade cabs and stay for our silly chicken dances. If that’s not enough, then perhaps some friendly yet chaotic competition will change your mind? No? Purrrhaps a Cat Guard photo contest will do the trick…

Buckle Your PAX Cat Guard Photo Contest

Our feline security detail has been pretty bored these past few years, and we want to fix that. This little (big?) fellow is traveling all the way to Boston from California just to take silly photos with you!

BUT WAIT, there’s more! You could win a $100 e-gift card to our online store AND Cat Guard piggy bank by entering our social media photo contest! Here’s the intel:

  • Take a picture with our Cat Guard any day of the show
  • Post your photo on Instagram or Twitter (*cough* X) with the hashtag #BuckleYourPAX
  • A winner will be announced each day on our social media
  • All winners will receive their e-gift card after PAX concludes

Don’t have social media? You can still enter for a chance to win a $100 e-gift card by signing up for our mailing list at the show!

Come get a free chicken scarf!

It’s pretty chilly in Boston, and we have an excess amount of feathery chicken scarves ready for you. Swing on by the booth at 11AM any day of the show if you’d like one, while supplies last!

Daily Competitions

We’ll also be hosting a rotating competition on one of our arcade cabs from 3:00-4:00pm daily! Here’s the intel for each show day:

Thursday: Back Off Barbarian

“Back Off, Barbarian!” That’s what you’ll be saying to your friends, family, and random strangers named Barb from the show floor as you secretly wish for their demise (only in this casual competition, of course).

Outwit, outplay, and OUTLAST your foes to win the GRAND PRIZE of a handcrafted Back Off Barbarian trophy, NEW Necromancer tiki mug, and Necromancer socks!

Friday: BattleBlock Theater

Next up is a BattleBlock Theater 2v2 Ball Game tournament! To enter, you’ll need to form a duo and sign-up at our booth sometime between 10am-1pm on Friday. Next, just show up at 3:00pm and be available to compete in the hour-long time block.

The winning team will walk away with a handcrafted BattleBlock Theater trophy, Cat Guard piggy bank, and comfy Behemoth socks. Yahoo!

Saturday: Alien Hominid Invasion

I really like the word extravaganza, so it’s time for another Alien Hominid Invasion BONUS EXTRAVAGANZA (co-op edition!). 

To enter, grab a pal and clear our Invasion bonus level as quickly as possible! All participants will get a small prize, but only one duo will win the grand prize of a handcrafted Alien Hominid trophy, Youtooz figurine, and socks!

Sunday: Can YOU Beat THE Behemoth Chicken?

Well, can you?

Show up at 3pm on Sunday to see if you can beat a dev in a chicken suit at their own game. That’s all. We have no other context to share for this competition. See you at the show!

Valentine’s Day Contest Winners!

We asked, and you all most certainly answered! Not only that, but you answered so hard we had to push our winner reveal out by a day to make sure each entry got the amount of eyes on it that it deserved. We’re always blown away by the amount of talent, passion, and attention to detail that our community possesses, so good job! To you specifically! Pat yourself on the back right now. I’m waiting.

Good job!

We received nearly three hundred entries for our Pink Knight Valentine’s Day art contest and while we wish we could award all three hundred of you people a Pink Knight figurine…contests are contests, and you either win first place or you LOSE!!!1!! (But try to keep a sunny disposition, nobody likes a CRYBABY.)

Except with this contest, we originally had only three winners. And we realized that we couldn’t pick just three. We realized we’re so surrounded on all sides by artists (and sculptors, and crocheters, and…ice cream molders?) So instead of purely winning or losing, the Necromancer found it in their heart to resurrect a few more goodies (read as: Blacksmith plushies!).

(For an ultra full-sized viewing experience of each entry, please right click and ‘view image in new tab’)

Presenting to you, our three winners of a Pink Knight figurine:


A beautiful claymation entry featuring a star studded cast list of Behemoth characters!




Pink Knight, Aliens, Hamsters, OH MY!

Presenting to you, our three winners of a BLACKSMITH plushie:


This papercraft card really, ah, JUMPED OUT at us!


Props to Pink Knight for putting themselves out there with this one! </3

Stupid Pumpkin

Our final Blacksmith winner is Stupid Pumpkin! Pretty fitting!

While chickens can’t talk, this chicken has chicken fingers, and wanted to thank everybody who submitted, participated, posted their art, and made us smile. It’s nice to take a step back and focus on love, rainbows, and hamsters every once in a while. We read and reviewed every single entry, whether or not we were able to give yours a personal response. This warm, fuzzy feeling inside was something akin to heartburn for us, so we decided to share it with everyone: go check out the full album of submissions here. They were too good to not be showcased.

Honorary mentions who shall always have a special place in our chicken hearts:




Extra awesome

clam godwer



The Dudster



Thank you for abiding by the No Hair Collage rule (for the most part 🤮), save for one very clever submitter who blessed our eyes with a HARE Collage:

Thank you to the many who offered to send eye-bleach on the chance we did get hair collage submissions, and just thanks in general for reading our blogs and hanging out with us all these years. 

And thank you to the people who wished the chickens running the contest a happy day. <3 We heart you.