Behemoth Halloween – 2020 Contest Winners!

Though the season of happy haunts has come to an end, the Behemoth Halloween contest has lived on in our hearts and brains. No, seriously. Our team has spent this week sorting through all of the entries to pick winners, so it’s definitely been in our brains! And yes, we do mean all of the entries — and there were nearly 120 this year! That [pumpkin] smashed last year’s entry count by a behemoth, and we couldn’t be happier about it. (But of course, that’s also why it took us a little longer to bring this puppy to a close.)

This year we had two separate categories, one for Spooky Behemoth Art, and a Chicken Costume Contest. We broke these down further to pick out three winners from each: (1) The Best (in Our Humble Opinion), (2) The Spooky Scariest, and (3) The One That Makes Us Laugh ’til We Cry. With all of the entries we received, we’re beyond glad that we got to pick six winners! Of course, you’re all winners in our hearts, but you know… that many prizes just doesn’t quite fit the Halloween budget.

Now, tap really hard on your desks or the nearest flat surface to make a drumroll!


Are you done yet?

Here are your winners for The Behemoth’s 2020 Halloween Contest!

Spooky Behemoth Art

The Best (in Our Humble Opinion)

By fibsh_babey on Instagram

The Spooky Scariest


By MrFoxyFox2 on Twitter

The One That Makes Us Laugh ’til We Cry


By Diego_Pinto123 on Twitter

Chicken Costume Contest

The Best (in Our Humble Opinion)


By Julperez_eoe on Twitter

The Spooky Scariest


By Rhys510 on Twitter

The One That Makes Us Laugh ’til We Cry


By pim_escobar on Twitter

A huge thank you to everyone that entered! We had an incredibly hard time choosing winners because of how many fantastic drawings there were. You made us smile, snort, feel things we didn’t know we could feel, and wish we knew some of you in person with all of your interesting and sometimes weird entries.

If you want to check out all of the entries this year, be sure to search for the hashtag “#BehemothHalloween” on your favorite social media sites!

PS – If you’re one of this year’s #BehemothHalloween contest winners, keep your eyes peeled for a message from the Behemoth Chicken on the social media account you used to enter! We’ll be contacting you (in a non-spooky way, we promise!) very soon.

Get Spooky with The Behemoth’s 2020 Halloween Contest!

Pumpkins, crunchy leaves, and all things eepy and creepy — spooky season is in full swing!

As if this year wasn’t already scary enough, we’re going to encourage striking even more fear into people’s hearts with our 2020 Halloween Drawing Contests!

You have two ways to enter, one being extra spooky and the other being the perfect place to experiment with tricks or treats… we’ll show you what we mean.

Spooky Behemoth Art Contest

The first category is a contest for Spooky Behemoth Art! It’s your scary destiny to recreate a Behemoth character or something from one of our games in the creepiest, crawliest, ookiest, spookiest way possible. Don’t hold back! (But do keep it safe for work, because we are… working.)

Chicken Costume Contest

If nightmare fuel isn’t quite your thing, we’re also putting a unique spin on a costume contest this year, featuring our star, the chicken! For the Chicken Costume Contest, start with the chicken below (or draw your own version of it) and put it in the best Halloween costume you can think of!

Both categories will have 3 winners each, with one winner for each category and prizes as follows:

(1) The Best (in Our Humble Opinion)
Spooky Art Contest: “Bear” Figurine
Chicken Costume Contest: Skeleton Figurine

(2) The Spookiest Scariest
Both Contests: Bitey Bat Hat and Necromancer Keychain

(3) The One That Makes Us Laugh ’til We Cry
Both Contests: Racoon Hat

Or, for you straightforward people, that’s Best in Show, Scariest, and Funniest. We’ll pick winners based on creativity, originality, and the ability to make us feel emotions that we weren’t previously feeling.

To enter, just post your drawing publicly (or a picture of it) to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook using the hashtag #BehemothHalloween before October 31st, 2020 at 11:59 PM PT. We will review the entries and select our winners during the first week of November, and winners will receive spooky Behemoth merchandise!

You can see the scariest stuff of all right here — official rules and legal stuff:

•No purchase necessary.
•Must be 18 or older to enter (if in the US), or have parental consent.
•Group entries are allowed! (Only one prize pack per winning individual or group).
•Your entry must be your own creation (or your group’s, parent’s, family’s).
•Only new decoration entries will be accepted (entries that were submitted in previous years will not be eligible).
•You may enter more than one unique entry.
•International participants are welcome!

If you need a little inspiration to kick start your art, keep an eye out on our social channels, especially Twitter and Instagram! We’ll be sharing some… pretty awful but definitely amazing things in the weeks leading up to Halloween. WoohoooOOOOooo! *Ghost noises*