Pit People Closed Beta – Sign ups at PAX East

Our next game, Pit People, will have a closed beta some time this year!
At PAX East 2016, you could be one of the first to sign up for our closed beta! PAX East attendees will also have an opportunity to enter a raffle for a number of prizes, including an Xbox One!

To sign up for both the closed beta registration and enter our raffle, come to our PAX East Booth #4025.


After PAX we will open up registration to the rest of the world. You can sign up for our e-newsletter now to get our latest game updates, including notice when the closed beta registration form goes online.
If you haven’t already seen our trailer for our fast paced, turn-based, co-op adventure, then feast your eyes on the video below, and check out pitpeople.com to follow our development.

The Pit People closed beta will be on Xbox One first and then later on Steam.

14 thoughts on “Pit People Closed Beta – Sign ups at PAX East”

      • I hope that I can be in the closed beta!) Спасибо большое вам и привет из России)

    • Not right now, but there will be! As we mentioned in the blog post above, the sign ups for the closed beta will go up online after PAX East.

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