Very Cool Behemoth Home Activities: Compilation Edition!

If you know The Behemoth, you know that we’re all about making fun couch co-op experiences for you to share. While we all spend some time at home, we’ve compiled a host of other activities to do from that same couch (or another one, if you’re a couch fiend that has MULTIPLE couches) with your family or friends!

We’ve shared a few ideas so far and we’re going to keep coming up with more, but we wanted to pin everything in one place for your convenience and enjoyment. This is it. This is that place. It’s wonderful here, isn’t it?

So anyway, here’s our compilation Very Cool Behemoth Home Activities (not TM)! Go crazy, have fun, and be sure to share all of your creations with us on social media.

Behemoth Coloring Book

Stretch your creative muscles (or wings, if you’re a chicken) with our free Behemoth coloring book! Print it and bust out the crayons, or download it for some digital coloring action with your favorite program. Or both!! Both is good.

Claim your own coloring book and get to making that masterpiece right here.

Alien Hominid Head Plush

If you want a new friend to keep you company, check out this tutorial for our Alien Hominid Invasion Head Plush! (That’s quite the mouthful, isn’t it? Headful??)

Our very own Behemoth “Plushsmith” Anna The Red has put together some simple instructions to help you create your own little Alien! You can follow along by clicking here.

Behemoth Streams

For your entertainment, we make fools out of ourselves twice a week, every week, and you can watch us on any one of your screens via Twitch! We play a handful of co-op games, a whole lot of BattleBlock Theater, and show up to have a good time and talk directly to you.

Be sure to tune into the show every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 PM PT! You can watch us (or catch up on old videos) right here.

Keep an eye out for more activities coming! And remember, we’d love to see what you make! Tag us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Make Your Own Friend: Alien Hominid Head

If you’re looking for another buddy to hang out with you during these strange indoors-y times, here’s how you can make your own little Alien Hominid head to be your new friend!

I used a sewing machine to make mine, but if you’re good with sewing small stitches by hand, go for it!


– An old t-shirt
– A ballpoint pen or a pencil
– Some black and white felt to make the Alien’s eyes. If you don’t have it, then you use any other fabric that doesn’t fray too easily.
– Stuffing (I used polyester stuffing, but get creative! Cotton balls and other soft things could work in a pinch.)

Here’s the pattern you’ll need to make your Alien Hominid Head — no printer needed! You can just place a piece of paper on the computer screen and trace the patterns.

If you want to make your Alien the same size as the one I made, just zoom in until the specified line on the pattern is 2 inches long.

Step 1: Turn the T-shirt inside out and draw the pattern four times.

Step 2: Cut the fabric about 1/2 inches from the line. You want to have a bit of extra fabric along the line so that your Alien won’t unravel later.

Step 3: Pin two pieces together, line side out. When you pin them together, make sure that the line on the front and back line up! Do this twice. 

Step 4: Pin and sew one side of each piece together.

*When you sew, remove each pin right before the sewing machine needle goes over it, or you might break the needle on your sewing machine.

Step 5: Pin and sew the rest of the unattached sides to bring the two pieces together, BUT leave about 1 inch opening at the bottom

Step 6: Cut excess fabric and thread. Turn it inside out by pushing/pulling the fabric from the opening to flip it inside out.

Step 7: Stuff it with stuffing! You can just stuff it using your fingers. Once it’s starting to hold its shape, I normally use something like the back of a disposable chopstick to push the stuff around inside to make it as spherical and smooth as possible.

Step 8: Sew the opening closed and tie a knot.

Step 9: Cut felt for eyes. Sew white pieces on black pieces, and sew them onto a head.

Step 10: Sew the mouth using a black or dark thread!

* If you’re having trouble sewing the mouth, check out these detailed instructions.

And you’re done! You’ve got your very own Alien friend, and better yet, a perfect method for making an entire ARMY of Alien friends. If you do make your own, be sure to share it with us on Twitter or Instagram!

Make Your Own Friend: Alien Hominid Head SPECIAL MOUTH EDITION

If you’re having trouble free-style sewing the mouth on your Alien Hominid head, just follow these instructions.

If you somehow stumbled upon this page without knowing what the heck is going on, you can check out our Alien Hominid plush head tutorial right here for some context. (We swear this post isn’t *that* weirdly specific; it’s not for just sewing Alien mouths onto random things, but you sure can use it for that if you want!)

First, put pins where its mouth is going to be. Wrap a thread around each pin and tweak the mouth line as desired. This is just a guide for you before the real deal happens, so there’s no need to tie off the thread anywhere.

If you’re happy with how the mouth looks, remove the thread from your head and follow the steps.

Pull that through, and the big reveal comes. Are you ready?

… *insert drumroll here* …


And there you have it! A picture perfect smile every time.

To return to the full plush tutorial, click here.