Make Your Own Friend: Alien Hominid Head SPECIAL MOUTH EDITION

If you’re having trouble free-style sewing the mouth on your Alien Hominid head, just follow these instructions.

If you somehow stumbled upon this page without knowing what the heck is going on, you can check out our Alien Hominid plush head tutorial right here for some context. (We swear this post isn’t *that* weirdly specific; it’s not for just sewing Alien mouths onto random things, but you sure can use it for that if you want!)

First, put pins where its mouth is going to be. Wrap a thread around each pin and tweak the mouth line as desired. This is just a guide for you before the real deal happens, so there’s no need to tie off the thread anywhere.

If you’re happy with how the mouth looks, remove the thread from your head and follow the steps.

Pull that through, and the big reveal comes. Are you ready?

… *insert drumroll here* …


And there you have it! A picture perfect smile every time.

To return to the full plush tutorial, click here.

Xbox Couch Co-op Sale: Crash Castles for 80% Off!

Right now is an especially great time to stay inside while keeping yourself entertained with some castle crashing couch co-op action! Better yet, Castle Crashers Remastered for Xbox One is part of the Xbox Couch Co-op sale and 80% OFF from today through April 20th, 2020!

Of course, you don’t only have to crash from your couch! Up to four friends can play Castle Crashers locally OR online, so it’s the perfect way to stay playing and connected with your friends even if you can’t share the couch.

Remember that this sale will wrap up on April 20th, 2020 so act fast and get crashing with the steepest discount we’ve ever offered on Xbox One!

Behstreamoths are coming back!

We were having a blast with our streams on Twitch, but then things got a little busy and crazy and strange and we had to disappear. But we missed you guys, so we’re coming back to provide our best attempt at home entertainment for all of you!

We’ll be available for display on your monitors twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:00 PM PT/4:00 PM CT/5:00 PM ET! On Tuesdays, we’ll keep serving up variety content, which is whatever we’re feelin’ like… and if you know us, you know that we feel pretty weird sometimes.

Thursdays will remain BattleBlock Theater Thursdays! We’ve had a ton of fun (along with other emotions) playing through Furbottom’s Features and the Community Theater playlists, and we’re determined to get better at the game, gosh darn it. Remember that we’re also open to trying out any playlists you send to us, too!

As always, you’ll get any stream-day updates or plan switcheroos from our Twitter feed. We’ll post reminders to tune into the stream for folks, too!

We hope you tune in and hang out with us, or else we’ll be lonely and things will be awkward and no one wants that. On that note, see you next Tuesday, April 14th, at 2:00 PM PT on!