Valentine’s Day Cards, Sweet Sales, and INSANE Alien Gameplay?

We’ve all seen those low-effort yet hilarious Valentine’s Day cards that flood our social media feeds every February, right? This year, we asked our Discord community to participate in a contest to create a similar Behemoth-themed card to share the love (and some laughs). 

They turned out to be more thoughtful and sweet than low effort, so it was hard to choose just a few out of the bunch. Buuuut, we had three cute Gluten plushies to give out, so drumroll please~

Valentine’s Day Contest 2023 Winners ♥

Feast your eyes on the cutest Pit People card from community member Lagomorph.

Next, here’s a hilarious card from Burnt Toast that made us giggle and turn our harts all… runny? We might need to get that checked out.

And lastly, check out the sweetest little card from Beane, who always strives for Agent representation in our Discord full of alien fans.

Co-op Sale Goodies ♥

Wondering about those sweet Valentine’s co-op sales? Well we’ve got a few going on right now, so hold your breath and read all of this out loud quickly.

Want to sit on a couch and Pit People against each other in a big ol’ pit? What about sitting on a couch with a friend and Crashers Castle? Wait, that was supposed to say Castle Crashers.. Anyways, both games are on sale as part of the worldwide Xbox Gaming Together Sale! From now until Feb. 20, enjoy 60% off Pit People and 50% off Castle Crashers if you please.

We’ve also got a treat for our knights on PlayStation! Castle Crashers is currently 30% off, and if you have a PlayStation+ membership, you can DOUBLE that percentage to 60% off thanks to Sony’s Double Discount Sale. Now until March 1, you can grab this deal here, or on a PlayStation near you.

For our last sale of the season, Nintendo’s Winter Sale for the European region is in full swing, with Castle Crashers on sale for 50% off until Feb. 26. If you read all of that out loud, I’m proud of you. If you didn’t, don’t worry. I didn’t either. I’m still proud of you!


But wait, there’s one more delicious piece of news! We’ll be streaming next Friday on Twitch and YouTube. Come by at 2PM PST to watch your favorite community managers (ehehehehe) play Alien Hominid Invasion on INSANE mode. Check out the stream for some epic gameplay and stay for the laughs, as we certainly won’t die, right?

Dev Stream Landing on Friday, January 27

Dear chicken blog readers, fellow aliens, humans, and everyone who isn’t an agent,

This chicken has some exciting news to share with you all: we’ll be going live this Friday with our first dev stream of the year! Join us as we introduce our community managers on stream, discuss everything that’s been added to Alien Hominid Invasion since August, and of course, invade Earth.

What has been added in that time, do you ask? Well, we’ve got flashy new charge shots for multiple weapons, new hazards and checkpoint levels, a redesign for the HUD, and more that will make your 2023 Earth invasion chaotically enjoyable.

After gaming for a bit, we’ll be holding a short Q&A about AHI with THE ONE AND ONLY DAN PALADIN! Shoot us some questions on social media this week, and they may be answered on stream.

Last but not least, we’ll be debuting two new Vtuber models for Amanda and Sarah (the community managers mentioned earlier heheh)! Who doesn’t love watching cute alien Vtubers play a game where tons of aliens fall from the sky and invade your local neighborhood?

Join us this Friday, January 27, at 2pm PST/5pm EST/10pm GMT on our Twitch or YouTube channels to join in the chaos.

Sincerest Bawks,
Big Chicken