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Portland Retro Gaming Expo – Day 1

Our crew flew over to Portland to bring in our custom built arcade cabinets to the Portland Retro Gaming Expo for the very first time. Check out Day 1 photos.

The calm before each storm

When we arrive each morning to our booth at PAX East, the atmosphere of the hall is so different. Here’s what everything looks like as we start up each day of the expo. Just 5 hours and 40 minutes left until the end of PAX East 2012. Don’t forget to stop by and play Super… Read more » Launch

Super Soviet has launched! Head on over to to see what information Boris has to share with you. In other news, we have sent out the last of the giveaways from last month. If you haven’t received your sticker packs yet, they should be there this week. Thank you for everyone that purchased a… Read more »