Autumn Sales, Falling Prices

It’s autumn now and prices are falling all over the place!

(Yes, if you haven’t already figured it out, I love puns.)


First, let’s look at our official merch store: 15% OFF the ENTIRE STORE! In honor of American Thanksgiving weekend, we’d like to thank you loyal fans for your support with this storewide sale. This is just in time for the holiday gift-giving season and you can check out the Shipping Info to see what shipping deadlines are if you’re trying to hit specific dates.
When you check out, be sure to apply the discount code “TURKEYJERKY” to get 15% OFF your order. Sale runs from November 23, 2016 to November 29, 2016.


For the next seven days there’s also a huge Steam Sale going on! Castle Crashers Steam & BattleBlock Theater Steam are 80% OFF the original price until 10AM PDT, November 29th.
Come enjoy our multiplayer games with friends or family during the holiday break!

Steam Award Nominations

While you’re in the Steam Store this weekend, you can also nominate Castle Crashers Steam & BattleBlock Theater Steam for any of the Steam Award categories.

Oh, Sweet Mother of Trolls!

You think Hair Trolls are tough? Well, take a look at the Troll Mom! Here’s a video that takes a closer look at what she looks like as Dan Paladin creates some customizable looks that players will be able to use in Pit People.

This maternal beast is practically three times the size of a Pit People human so she takes up 3 Team Slots. This mother of trolls has a range of skills that we’ll be covering in this post:


Halloween Contest 2016 – Winners

The Halloween Contest is something we look forward to every year because we get to see all of the hard work people put into their costumes and decorations! There are some seriously creative people out there!!!
This year, we had 50 contest entries and they were all excellent. Thank you to everyone who entered the Halloween Contest this year! It was difficult to narrow down the list to our Top 3 picks for each category, but here’s what our judges have chosen for 2016: