Duck Shark Chomps into Shark Week!

Doo do… doo do… doo do. (Pretend that sounds like the “Jaws” theme, please and thank you.) It’s the end of Shark Week, and Duck Shark has arrived to become a part of the party.

For this weekend only from Friday, August 14th through Sunday, August 16th from midnight to midnight PT, prices on Duck Shark merch in our online shop have been bitten in half!

That means that you can grab the Duck Shark T-Shirt for 50% off, and show off all your duckiness and sharkiness in clothing form!

Or, if you’re looking to get aHEAD (wow, what an awful pun) then you can get the Duck Shark Plush Hat for 50% off as well!

Or get both, wear them together, and be the sharkiest and duckiest of all.

No special code is needed to take advantage of these discounts! Simply put the item in your cart, and you’ll automatically get that sweet sweet sale price.

BattleBlock Theater players on Steam will also find themselves with a pleasant surprise, as the Duck Shark is this week’s unlockable prisoner for the new FurBottom’s Feature playlist!

Beat the playlist (which is also Duck Shark themed, and lovingly titled “Duckshark Arena”), and you will be able to *become* the Duck Shark. There’s no better way to celebrate than that!!

Shark Week, and the Duck Shark deals both end on Sunday, August 16th, while the Duck Shark head will be unlockable until August 28th. Be sure to take part in this jaw-some event before that!

Make Your Own: Extra Mask Features

Mastered your DIY mask skills? (We mean these ones, right here, here, and here.) If you’re ready to take your next mask to a new level with an upgrade for extra coolness, here are some additional options you can add!

Keep in mind that these features require a bit more sewing, which is why we decided they were best kept optional.

Filter Pocket

When you reach step 4 in your regular mask making, you can leave the opening slightly wider on the inside of the mask. This way, you can insert a filter!

Wire for Nose

A wire nose piece will help you better fit the mask to your face!

When you reach step 7 of your mask making, sew 1/4 inch away from the top/nose part of the mask and make a space about 2 – 3 inches length-wise. Then, you can insert a pipe cleaner or other small wire piece that you can bend to fit your nose and make it fit better!

Remember, these extra steps are totally optional, but will make your homemade Castle Crashers mask just a little more fancy.

If you make any of the masks, be sure to share the final project with us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!

Castle Crashers Nintendo Switch: August Update

Hey there Knights and Princesses (and Barbarians too, we suppose)…

A new update for Castle Crashers Remastered on the Nintendo Switch has been released today! This small patch includes just a couple of fixes and features:

– Game music should now play properly in all levels.
– You can now invite your friends to squad up and play Castle Crashers using the new โ€œOnline Play Invitesโ€ feature!

Now get back out there and defend your kingdom!