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PAX East Day 1

Day 1 of PAX East, we got off to a good start with our press breakfast, new co-op demo stations, and the closed beta sign ups.

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Cyclopes, the one-eyed giants of Pit People

A Cyclops in Pit People is a one-eyed giant that can be a huge asset to your team. It’s twice the size of a human fighter in the game and comparatively its melee attack can deal even more damage. See it in action in this post!

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New Merchandise Coming to PAX East 2016

Booth 4025 is going to have a whole new line of gear for our youngest fans! We’ve also got new Pit People tees, a new hoodie, new PAX pins, and a PAX East 2016 exclusive t-shirt! Check out all the stuff we’re bringing with us this year <3

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