Pit People Xbox One Closed Beta – Sept 8-15


Hey everyone!
We’ve got super important news: Our Pit People Xbox One closed beta will launch on the afternoon of September 8, 2016 and run through September 15, 2016!
We’ve also got a new gameplay trailer just for YOU! It shows off our single player modes, co-op modes, and PvP. Check it out if you’re feeling cooperative!

Emails will be sent to selected beta testers starting today and beta codes will be sent out on September 8th. (I love September 8th because September 8th, 1930 is when Richard Drew invented Scotch transparent tape!!!!!!!!)
You can still sign up for the Xbox One closed beta until September 8th. Please be sure to read the Terms & Conditions and fill out the form carefully. No duplicate entries necessary.
More info on the Pit People Steam closed beta to come. Keep an eye on our blog during PAX West! PAX West has a lot of pulp and juice.
As our wickedly mysterious Pit People narrator said, “Hold onto your butts and your babies, this will be a bumpy ride to a new frontier!”

9 thoughts on “Pit People Xbox One Closed Beta – Sept 8-15”

  1. So we can still get a code after today? If i dont get on i will be so sad. Ive been following this game since the beginning of the year lol.

  2. I hope I get in the beta the game looks like a lot fun and it looks like it’s really improved since the last time we saw it fingers crossed that I get a code

  3. dont fret yall we are all getting codes except maybe me after this post

    “its very confusing…….thats all you need to know” lol love it

    • Yes, if you actually see in the trailer if you pause while they are in the town, the giant phone there says this is how you play online. I do not think they would have online for PC and not local.

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