PAX East 2017 – Day 3 Recap

Xsplit Road Show – Chris & Ian talk Pit People (Click to see more photos from PAX East 2017 Day 3)

We kicked off the last day of PAX East 2017 with a stage demo of Pit People on the Xsplit Road Show. Chris Slight, from Xsplit, was a fan of Pit People and invited us to show it off during their live stream from PAX East. If you missed the live stream, you can still see the 30 minute segment for a limited time in this archived broadcast.

Hardcore Pinny Arcade Trading

Back at the Behemoth booth, people were trading for the Pinny Arcade pins that they wanted. Since it was the last day, you can imagine how motivated attendees were to get their collection complete!

Mason running the Pit People Tournament of Attendees

In the afternoon, we had our last PAX East 2017 Pit People Tournament of Attendees. The event was emceed by Mason from our QA subdivision, The Research Centaur.

Here’s the final match in progress

The crowd cheering on the final contestants

The last match between UnaturalX and Ryan was intense. Who would take the final 1st place trophy of PAX East 2017?

The outcome of the Final match. (That Troll Mom tho…)

The Pit People Tournament of Attendees champion on Day 3 of PAX East 2017: Ryan!!!

Congrats to Ryan on your victory! You’re the real MVPP!

(From left to right) Runner up for Day 3 – UnaturalX, and First Place for Day 3 – Ryan

Thanks again to everyone who came out to participate in or watch our first ever Pit People Tournament of Attendees! We hope you had as much fun as we did. Let’s cross our fingers for another Tournament later this year!

Also, many thanks to all the attendees who came to support our games by purchasing an item at our Gift Shop and thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi! We’ll see you all again at PAX East next year (if not sooner)!

PAX East 2017 – Day 2 Recap

Our bustling booth on Day 2 of PAX East 2017. Click here to see all pics from Day 2

The second day of PAX East 2017 was another excellent day filled with great people and gaming at our booth.

Attendees playing Castle Crashers Remastered on our custom-built arcade cabinet

This Castle Crashers arcade cabinet has been with us at almost every PAX East we’ve been to and always attracts attention from the attendees. This year was no exception! Thank you to all the people who have shown it some love in the past seven years!

Hatty Hattington cosplay

We also had a visit from Hatty on Saturday! He was looking dapper as always.

What’s everyone looking at?

At 2PM, attendees gathered around our Pit People stations again for another Pit People Tournament of Attendees! Here’s a closer look at the Day 2 Tournament:

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