PAX East 2017 – Day 2 Recap

Our bustling booth on Day 2 of PAX East 2017. Click here to see all pics from Day 2

The second day of PAX East 2017 was another excellent day filled with great people and gaming at our booth.

Attendees playing Castle Crashers Remastered on our custom-built arcade cabinet

This Castle Crashers arcade cabinet has been with us at almost every PAX East we’ve been to and always attracts attention from the attendees. This year was no exception! Thank you to all the people who have shown it some love in the past seven years!

Hatty Hattington cosplay

We also had a visit from Hatty on Saturday! He was looking dapper as always.

What’s everyone looking at?

At 2PM, attendees gathered around our Pit People stations again for another Pit People Tournament of Attendees! Here’s a closer look at the Day 2 Tournament:

The wheel of team comps

Each tournament participant had to spin the wheel before each round that they battled in. The wheel has several teams composed by the Behemoth team and spinning the wheel gave each participant a random team for their round. This meant that all the contestants had to have some understanding of all 18 possible fighter types that could potentially be on their team! Good job, contestants!

Round 1. Fight!

The participants of the tournament battled in single elimination rounds, so once they lost one battle they were out of the Tournament for the day.

Watching the Round 1 fights

The final outcome of Day 2

The fights continued from round 1 to round 2, round 2 to the semi-finals, and the semi-finals to the finals. One champion would remain in the end.

Pit People Tournament of Attendees – Day 2 champion: Pizar!

(From left to right) Runner Up – Red Lion and 1st Place – Pizar!

It was an epic final battle. Congrats to both players for showing such skill!