PAX East 2013 – Last day to visit us!

paxeast2013cosplayAre you excited that we have one more day of the 2013 Penny Arcade Expo?! We know we are.

Today, we’ll have one last signing at the Behemoth Booth (512) with Tom Fulp, so be sure to be there between 12-2PM. He’ll sign your Behemoth merch and answer any questions you may have about our games.

Speaking of merchandise, we sold out of a lot of the new or exclusive products! The bitey bats were gone within hours of the first day, the cat guard banks and dog toys were sold out by early Saturday and we only had one Pax East 2013 exclusive t-shirt by the end of last night! If you didn’t get a chance to grab the goods that you wanted yet, then come by our booth early today when the exhibitor hours start!

bbttourneywinnersIf you didn’t get a chance to play BattleBlock Theater yesterday, then today should be a better time to try. We had a huge BattleBlock Theater Ball Game Tournament on our two arena cabinets yesterday for a large chunk of the afternoon.

Finally, we’ll end this post with a short video of our booth set up. More photos to come for PAX in a future post!