PAX East 2013 – Set Up Pics pt. 2

The lines for both the Gift Shop and to play the arcade cabinets were non-stop yesterday! We wanted to post these photos earlier, but got sucked into the whirlwind of Behemoth fans and cos-players at PAX East. You’ll see what we mean soon! Pictures from Day 1 of PAX East will be posted later today. Until then, here are a few looks at our second day of set up for PAX East 2013!

smpaxday2-01 smpaxday2-02 smpaxday2-03 smpaxday2-04 smpaxday2-05 smpaxday2-06 smpaxday2-07 smpaxday2-08 smpaxday2-09 smpaxday2-10 smpaxday2-11 smpaxday2-12 smpaxday2-13 smpaxday2-14 smpaxday2-15