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2013 PAX Exclusive T-shirt & Surprise!

As tradition has it, we’re bringing another PAX Prime exclusive t-shirt and we’ve chosen to honor Davy Crockett. BattleBlock Theater fans can already tell you how near and dear to us Davy is. Oh and there’s a special surprise at PAX Prime too…

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New T-shirt: Honey Hug

Major spoiler alert! This tee is for the uber fans of The Behemoth. If you’ve played our games, then you’ve probably seen Honey Hug in at least one scene and usually it’s deep in the game, so this is a walking spoiler alert.

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New merchandise at PAX Prime 2013

With less than two weeks to go, I think it’s time we reveal some new stuff we’re bringing to PAX Prime! Behold our new 10 year anniversary t-shirt! Thank you to all of our fans for supporting us through the years.

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