Functional Pieces of Art

While our dev team is hard at work on our Pit People projects, our merch team has also been busy with their own creative project! The video below was shot and edited by our friend, Erik Derman, at a skate park in San Diego. We wanted to make a video that showcases how our boards are not just cool to look at but they are also functional pieces of art!

Why did we start making skate decks years ago? A story by the art director himself:

“I skateboarded a lot, and I wanted to skate a Behemoth board. We went with the same company that was making the Tony Hawk and Birdhouse decks at that time to make sure they were fine quality and held up to lots of use. When you look at how a skateboard is made it’s rather fascinating, all the layers and careful assembly. Amazing they are as cheap as they are, really.” – Dan Paladin

The Behemoth Chicken design was one of our original designs, then we expanded to include the Castle Crashers Skeleton Battle deck, and most recently we made Hatty Hattington from BattleBlock Theater into a board as well.

You can find them in our online store! (Please note, we sell the decks only. Trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape are not included.)

Special thanks to Erik, the skateboarders, and our lovely merch team for putting this video together!