Working with BattleBlock Theater’s Voice Actor

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You’ve heard his voice in BattleBlock Theater, heard his songs in Castle Crashers, read about the Whisper Room and now it’s time to learn more about the elusive Will Stamper.

Today, three Behemoth staff who worked closely with Will write about their experiences collaborating with the voice actor when creating story lines and in game quips for BattleBlock Theater. We’re calling these personal stories “Will Stamper n’ Me.”


Dan Paladin (in his witness protection form) and Will Stamper (right)


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BattleBlock Theater Cutscene Development

About a year ago we were very lucky to bring in a new member of The Behemoth team to help with BattleBlock Theater development. Derek Lieu first joined us in 2012 to help with our Kickstarter video for the Necromancer figurine. Then we brought him in to change the process for BattleBlock Theater’s cutscene animation. You may also recognize his video editing in the recent trailers for BattleBlock Theater with art by Dan Paladin & Eric Haddad and narration by Will Stamper.

Derek has taken some time to share his involvement in the process for the in game cutscenes in BattleBlock Theater (BBT) and his collaboration with Dan & Will, from concept to final product. Read on!


Chapter 7 – Story board by Dan Paladin


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