Styling the BattleBlock Theater Art

What does it mean to be an artist at The Behemoth studio? Our newest artist in the development team, Eric Haddad, will go into detail about his process as an artist who worked on BattleBlock Theater:



Oh, hello internet – I mean, people on the internet. My name is Eric Haddad. I’ve been in the art department at The Behemoth for about two years now. I’ve worked mostly on BattleBlock Theater (BBT) but also provide support for any other art needs for the folks here.

Today, I’m here to talk a little bit about the art production on BattleBlock Theater and a little about what it’s like working on a project that isn’t in the same art “style” as I would normally work in.

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Will Stamper – The Voice of BattleBlock Theater


Well you’ve read about our fabulous experiences working with Will Stamper, now read Will Stamper’s experiences being fabulous (My words, not his. Don’t want to take away his street cred).


We asked him for yet another favor: to write on the subject of working with us at The Behemoth for BattleBlock Theater. He’ll give you his history with Dan Paladin, talk about developing the cinematics, quips & scripts, he’ll give you a few tips if you’re an aspiring voice actor or looking to work with one, and he’s even given us a list of equipment he uses. That’s like giving us the whole secret recipe!!


Note: We’ve run the original post through the cleansing machine so it remains family friendly but we think there’s still plenty of Will Stamper flavor in the post! Edited sections have been marked in red.


Anyway, we give you: Will Stamper:


Hello my precious treats!  It’s me, the narrator of BattleBlock Theater, Will Stamper.

I’ll be gunning for comprehensive here, so grab a coffee or something…this might get a bit long.  That’s what she  ANYWAYS don’t feel obligated to read the whole thing, you won’t hurt my feelings.  Okie dokes, let’s – WAIT – since I’m far too familiar with the flavor of my own foot, I’ll go ahead and drop a safety net over the Behemoth right now and take full responsibility for everything said below this point.  You know, just in case stuff gets weird.  For example, if I were to say: “Don Cheadle touches dude’s butts in his spare time”, it would be MY opinion, not The Behemoth’s.


And for the record, it’s unlikely that Don Cheadle touches dude’s butts in his spare time.  However, I’m far beyond speculation on this matter; my research will continue, and I will not stop until I’ve uncovered the truth.


Will working at The Behemoth studio. Major street cred points for this pic.


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