Couch Surfing Gnomes in Pit People


We’ve got a little over a week before the Pit People Steam Closed Beta starts on September 28th, so we’re going to take this beta hiatus to go over a couple more fighter types in Pit People!
First, let’s take a look at our most laid back fighters called Gnomes. They’re stronger and more active than your average garden gnome!


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Gorgons: the deadliest beauties in Pit People

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Last month, we announced the Pit People Xbox One Closed Beta will be coming in August 2016 (PC beta on Steam to follow) and our registration form is now up! Soon thousands of people will have access to beta test our fast-paced, turn-based, co-op adventure.
We’re working on getting you details on what modes will be available during the closed beta, but for now we’ve got another fighter to reveal!


Be prepared to encounter our hypnotically gorgeous Gorgons in Pit People. This is the sisterhood of serpentine soldiers ready to slay their enemies by swinging their sword, by spewing acid or even springing snakes from their head!


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