Finish Furbottoms Features? Adder Boy!

This weekend, a Triple Threat comes your way in BattleBlock Theater! You’ll see it right when you load up your game — BAM! Don’t worry, it’s practically harmless…until you decide to arm it with frog bombs, exploding airplanes and good ol’ fists if you choose hand-to-hand combat (now that’s a triple threat!).
We’re also updating the Furbottom’s Features solo playlist. You know what that means. You get a prize for all of your effort playing to the end of the Furbottom’s Features!
FeaturePost_SNAKEFACEHere are the Solo Features that we just chose:
In XBLA: Suicidal Circus by LevelDesignGuy
In Steam: Ampersand by Kirbachu
Bulk up your rep by showing you’ve got the skills to scale to the top and finish those finale levels! We’ll even give you a virtual high five and an “adder boy!”


New Arena Feature, Salud!

Welcome, theater patrons! It’s Friday again and we’re putting up a new Arena Feature in BattleBlock Theater. Salud!


Enjoy a new set of levels by BBT user, PS3GuyGuy, in his playlist “Caesar Salud.” Check out a preview of the arena levels here.


FeaturePost_SIRENIn addition to the updated Arena Feature, we’re re-releasing one of our awesome animated unlocks! Just sign in to Xbox LIVE, load up BattleBlock Theater, and head to an online area for Siren.


Finally, for you fans out there who have been patiently waiting for each and every prisoner unlock since the beginning of BBT time, we are going to reveal the mystery of the myth next Friday. Until next time…