Finish Furbottoms Features? Adder Boy!

This weekend, a Triple Threat comes your way in BattleBlock Theater! You’ll see it right when you load up your game — BAM! Don’t worry, it’s practically harmless…until you decide to arm it with frog bombs, exploding airplanes and good ol’ fists if you choose hand-to-hand combat (now that’s a triple threat!).
We’re also updating the Furbottom’s Features solo playlist. You know what that means. You get a prize for all of your effort playing to the end of the Furbottom’s Features!
FeaturePost_SNAKEFACEHere are the Solo Features that we just chose:
In XBLA: Suicidal Circus by LevelDesignGuy
In Steam: Ampersand by Kirbachu
Bulk up your rep by showing you’ve got the skills to scale to the top and finish those finale levels! We’ll even give you a virtual high five and an “adder boy!”


4 thoughts on “Finish Furbottoms Features? Adder Boy!”

    • “You get a prize for all of your effort playing to the end of the Furbottom’s Features!”
      Basically, under local play, you’ve got story in the top right, and Furbottom’s Features in the bottom left. Go to Furbottom’s features and select “Feature”. And just play through all the levels “besides encores” And you get the snakeface.
      For triple threat, you just fire up BattleBlock Theater. Thats it.

  1. This was by far the most frustrating course for me. It took me about 2 hours to get that freaking hat. I both applaud the creator and hope angry gerbils will attack his or her hands.

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