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As we continue our development on Castle Crashers, we wanted to try to get more information about the game out to all of our fans/readers. A few months back we started recording all of the work Dan was doing on the game. We just capture the video from his screen and then speed the clip… Read more »

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Week 14 Winners

I’m not late this week with posting the leaderboard results, YA! So here we go: RYW209 takes the top spot for Alien Hominid for the second straight week, and in the All You Can Eat category, XShagrath grabs the win, and more importantly has secured his third all-time win and has been placed in our… Read more »

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Gamespot Forums

Our 2007 forum presence has expanded to the Gamespot Forums where we will be answering all of your questions about Alien Hominid HD and our upcoming projects. Much like our little identity problem that we experienced in the Xbox forums we sort of ran into the same issue over at Gamespot. However, I want to… Read more »

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