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so many beautiful creations

hello my friends and welcome to the behemoth devblog of wonder.  today i will be sharing some things that i have personally thought were pretty darn cool.  i always like it when people create things with different sorts of mediums so i am going to show you all some recent artwork that we haven’t quite gotten into our… Read more »

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Server moving party

Well it’s not really a party, but at least we’ll have our forums back online soon! I’m about to make the switch here very soon, so please excuse the technical difficulities you may experience. I’m told it can take as little as 2 hours, and at most 12 hours. Either way when we come back… Read more »

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What he lacks in speed he gains in defensive skill. Say hello to Snailburt! My plan is to do several updates throughout the week, and hopefully reveal a lot more characters, weapons, animal orbs, etc, etc. As an added bonus registered members of our forum will have a sneak peak of dev blog posts. So… Read more »

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