What he lacks in speed he gains in defensive skill. Say hello to Snailburt!

My plan is to do several updates throughout the week, and hopefully reveal a lot more characters, weapons, animal orbs, etc, etc. As an added bonus registered members of our forum will have a sneak peak of dev blog posts. So if you just can’t wait to see what will be posted next head on over and register today.


17 thoughts on “Snailburt!”

  1. This SHELL be the best animal orb. I guess they make the character more SLUGGISH though..

    ah puns..

  2. Cute snail! I’m not too sure if I would actively use him, though. I suppose it depends how much Agility factors into the game. Some games would have it affect everything from accuracy, to number of attacks/second, and even normal running speed. If Agility doesn’t have a massive impact, or the overall % of reduced Agility for improved Defense is benefitial, then I can picture taking him along.

  3. This is pretty unrelated, but I was wondering, for the people (like me :3) who don’t own a 360 and really don’t want to buy one just for one game, do you think you guys could release Castle Crashers for PC? I was just wondering, and you could probably make a decent amount more of money :P.

  4. I’m grateful there were no “antenae” drawn on this animal.
    He remeinds me of the Choose Your Adventure shirt at the Behemoth store. I’ll laugh if there is a squirrel orb and another cat orb, with a fluffy tail.

  5. UP next! Weapon: pitchfork.
    Character: Peasant.

    OXM castle crashers scored: 8.5/10
    + beautifully funky environment.
    +4-player coop
    – repetitive combat, poor single-player difficulty
    ? all animals seem to be on laxatives

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