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5,000 Necromancer Codes and You!

With so much talk of anniversaries and birthdays we’ve decided to continue our favorite part of both, presents! With that said, we went and got 5,000 Necromancer DLC codes for Castle Crashers and want to just give them away everyday until we run out. Since the latest iteration of the internet provides us with so… Read more »

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FREE King Pack DLC offer

Hello! We have always wanted our King Pack for Castle Crashers to be FREE. And it’s not!! SO, in order to achieve this we went ahead and bought a ton of download codes from Microsoft for our King Pack to give to you. Yes! All that you have to do to receive the code for… Read more »

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The King Pack!

On Wednesday (Jan14th) we are going live with our first of two downloadable content packs for Castle Crashers. The King Pack will include the following additions to the game: New Characters! Open Faced Gray Knight King New Weapons! NG Lollipop NG Gold Sword King’s Mace (equipped with the King) New Animal Orbs! Pelter (Seal) New… Read more »

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