The King Pack!

kingdlcimageOn Wednesday (Jan14th) we are going live with our first of two downloadable content packs for Castle Crashers. The King Pack will include the following additions to the game:

New Characters!

  • Open Faced Gray Knight
  • King

New Weapons!

  • NG Lollipop
  • NG Gold Sword
  • King’s Mace (equipped with the King)

New Animal Orbs!

  • Pelter (Seal)

New Magic

  • King’s Healing (self healing / group heal)
  • Gold Knife
  • Kingley Jump

King’s Healing is an awesome new spell that lets you heal other players and yourself.  If you have ever decided to pick the healer class in any RPG with the intention of healing the party, this spell is for you. This pack should go live sometime on the 14th of January for 160 Space Bucks Microsoft Points  ($2.00).  All pricing for this and future downloadable content is entirely decided on by Microsoft. All we can do is throw in our input (free!!!!!) but at the end of the day it’s their decision.



Empty Promises – Weapons Dump

In the past few weeks we’ve released some more weapons in the random posts that we have put up. I was waiting until I had some free time on my hands to post all of them, but as Dan is forcing me to post this right now I guess we all benefit from it.  So here they are: Rat Beating Bat, Saracen Sword, and a Club!

Mr. Paladin also wanted to record a video of the Weapon’s Frog, and Animal Orb Ark. We ended up using this crappy video camera that our testers use to record bugs so please excuse the quality of the video. For a change we’ve included the audio commentary which includes Dan trying to tell me that my attempts at special effects would be distracting. Thanks Dan.

Weapon’s Frog and Animal Orb Ark w/ Audio Commentary