The King Pack!

kingdlcimageOn Wednesday (Jan14th) we are going live with our first of two downloadable content packs for Castle Crashers. The King Pack will include the following additions to the game:

New Characters!

  • Open Faced Gray Knight
  • King

New Weapons!

  • NG Lollipop
  • NG Gold Sword
  • King’s Mace (equipped with the King)

New Animal Orbs!

  • Pelter (Seal)

New Magic

  • King’s Healing (self healing / group heal)
  • Gold Knife
  • Kingley Jump

King’s Healing is an awesome new spell that lets you heal other players and yourself.  If you have ever decided to pick the healer class in any RPG with the intention of healing the party, this spell is for you. This pack should go live sometime on the 14th of January for 160 Space Bucks Microsoft Points  ($2.00).  All pricing for this and future downloadable content is entirely decided on by Microsoft. All we can do is throw in our input (free!!!!!) but at the end of the day it’s their decision.



26 thoughts on “The King Pack!”

  1. Most excellent! My work buds and I are going to try this out tomorrow. thanks!

    (and a belated tanks for the update, I lost my main character 3 times before the update. No problems since).

  2. well… you can see his face.

    I would download this tomorrow but Ill have to wait till i get my xbox back so it could be a while.

    Oh and you should fix the profile page, I cant see any text boxes so I had to just keep clicking till i found them.

  3. I’ll wait until someone comments on what its like before buying I think.
    The King sounds good…But the open faced grey knight does not.

  4. I foresee the king being used with the animal that heals you in the arena, therefore creating complete cheapness. My bear shall no longer remain undefeated.

  5. Woah, what? Tomorrow?

    Good thing I got tomorrow off, lucky me 😀

    Also, Emil, I’m still a no-go for deletion problem on the forums. PM my profile there if you can so we can troubleshoot that if you can, please and thanks.

  6. Eh..I’m not sure what to think about it.
    Since we waited 3 months for a patch to fix all the problems it could be nice to have the first DLC as a gift or something.
    And what’s up with the ‘Open faced gray knight’? How is he different than the regular one?

  7. The new pet is useless admin.. -.-;; I wish they would of gave us something more useful he doesnt shoot every second or every couple of seconds more random then ever.. i wish he was more useful.. anyways.. the king character isnt that bad a good healer the grey knight is just a revamped white knight but with the same spells and the weapons are great but hay it will be good.. 😀

  8. You should have had the king or necromancer put in the game as a reward for beating the game on insane mode. I remember when this game came out and trying to figure out how to get those characters that we had seen working in screenshots and in a video review. It just sucks they weren’t in the full game and now your gonna make us pay 2 dollars for each of these ‘packs’.

    • I definitely agree there shoud have been something for beating insane. An achievement seems like the most logical choice, but an unlockable character would have been a nice touch as well. To be fair, though, no one’s MAKING you pay $2. If you don’t think its worth it, just don’t buy them. The NG weapons and the King are easily worth $2 to me.

  9. Bravo! Thrilled to see the NG weapons and the King, excited about the King’s magic, pleasantly surprised at the low price. I do wish the new Gray Knight was more than just an aesthetic change. All in all, a big thumbs-up. Already can’t wait for the next pack.

  10. You say you wanted the content to be free… but you’re still holding back other DLC. Why not release it all in one to give better value?

  11. Awesome new stuff guys! I want to personally thank the whole Behemoth team for everything they do. I envy your jobs and I appreciate your persistence. Castle Crashers is fantastic and I had no idea DLC would be coming out for it. $2 is well worth it.

    Also, as soon as possible I’m buying some of those epic figurines.

  12. This is, without a doubt, the coolest thing I’ve heard all day. Maybe all week. There’s a slim chance on the all-month front, but don’t hold your breath on that part.

    Anyhow, I digress. I meant to swing by here with just two words in regards to the King’s Pack.


    I love Castle Crashers. This is like mana from heaven right here. Keep it up guys!

  13. The king is cool and all but what about the Necromancer? He is the one that I am really looking forward to

  14. The King is a good character, His weapon is the best part for me! I think the price is fair but the character I really want to see is the black knight that summons all the skelitons. Also, does anyone have word on if you unlock a new character by beating the game with the king?

    • I just beat it with the king and for those who share my curiosity, no new character was added as a supprize for beating the game with the king 🙁

  15. You know, some “sports” arenas may be kind of fun for DLC, too. Knights vs. Barbarians in a beat-em-up soccer game, anyone? The ball could be an enemy that’s un-killable, and using attacks and throws, you try to knock it into a goal. Maybe Trophy-shaped weapons could be rewarded. I absolutely love the game, and would love to see some new levels added along with the characters and weapons.

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