5,000 Necromancer Codes and You!

With so much talk of anniversaries and birthdays we’ve decided to continue our favorite part of both, presents! With that said, we went and got 5,000 Necromancer DLC codes for Castle Crashers and want to just give them away everyday until we run out. Since the latest iteration of the internet provides us with so many different ways of communicating with all of you we’ve made a decision to try to use as many of these sites as possible.

Our holder of the codes Kelly has been on our twitter feed handing out batch after batch of said codes since yesterday morning. In addition to Twitter our Facebook groups here and here are also receiving some love.ย  If all of those sites weren’t enough we’ll have Kelly here on the blog and over at the forums handing them out as well.

In the event that theย  exhaustive list of links above weren’t clear enough, here’s a simpler one to follow:

  1. Twitter – Be our friend please
  2. Facebook group – The Behemoth – face our books please
  3. Facebook group – Castle Crashers – two is better than 1
  4. Blog – You are Here
  5. Forums – They are somewhere else

Remember, since this is a free-for-all style distribution you have to be quick and grab your code and redeem it before someone else does. Imagine you’re a gladiator in a cage and you’re about to fight someone else. Then all of a sudden a lion shows up! Well it’s really nothing like that at all, infact I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore.



22 thoughts on “5,000 Necromancer Codes and You!”

  1. seekret comment codes!!! who will find them…?



  2. I just signed up today for twitter cus of this. Now i’m never leaving. Thank god i was sick from school today. I got the first one in batch 20 at 1:35 today. Thank you so much Behemoth for giving away so much of your profits as a PR stunt. I love joo. Now if you’ll excuse me, i must go resurect an army of the undead and lead them into battle with my glorious chainsaw. Good luck to everyone for the remaining packs. Specially gr1f1th. he looks like he’s really tryin ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. So I buy the DLC the day it comes out and now people who had not bought it are getting it for free?

    Where’s my reward?

    Pretty unfair.

    • YES!!! Oh yeah! Finally! Had bad luck when the King Pack was given away and tried it for hours now: Twitter, Blog,… Always too late, but now I was lucky in the end and can now call myself a proudly owner of the Necromancer DLC!!!

      THX sooooooooooo much!
      You are awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. i have some unclaimed codes which contain a character who raises the dead:






  5. Hi guys, I think it’s great that you’re giving out codes but I just have to say that it’s just not practical. There are thousands of people who play this game and are all trying to enter the codes in at the same time. I waited for the codes to pop up and entered it in within 30 seconds and still didn’t get it. I just think it’s ridiculous to have all your fans fight over these codes. It only makes it frustrating and disappointment for people like me who don’t have time to wait in front of the computer all day and who can’t type in the code lightening fast under 10 seconds to win it. Every time I get denied it just makes me not want to play CC anymore. Please come up with a better way to distribute your codes to make it fair for all your fans to get a chance to win.

    thank you

    • i am not sure what else we can do…!

      we are posting the codes everyplace, here, there, everywhere, and often! and lots of hidden ones for the extra diligent. I’m starting to do some timed ones on twitter, so people can check at a certain time. the ones on facebook seem to go a little slower. and i know for a fact there are some buried in the forums and here on the dev blog that have not been found yet.

      We keep trying new things. We are definitely NOT trying to frustrate people, but rather to make them available to the greatest number of people possible. if twitter isn’t being kind to you, try one of the other options! ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. One more reason why the Behemoth is so awesome. Name another dev that hands out free DLC codes with such frivolity!

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