5,000 Necromancer Codes and You!

With so much talk of anniversaries and birthdays we’ve decided to continue our favorite part of both, presents! With that said, we went and got 5,000 Necromancer DLC codes for Castle Crashers and want to just give them away everyday until we run out. Since the latest iteration of the internet provides us with so many different ways of communicating with all of you we’ve made a decision to try to use as many of these sites as possible.

Our holder of the codes Kelly has been on our twitter feed handing out batch after batch of said codes since yesterday morning. In addition to Twitter our Facebook groups here and here are also receiving some love.  If all of those sites weren’t enough we’ll have Kelly here on the blog and over at the forums handing them out as well.

In the event that the  exhaustive list of links above weren’t clear enough, here’s a simpler one to follow:

  1. Twitter – Be our friend please
  2. Facebook group – The Behemoth – face our books please
  3. Facebook group – Castle Crashers – two is better than 1
  4. Blog – You are Here
  5. Forums – They are somewhere else

Remember, since this is a free-for-all style distribution you have to be quick and grab your code and redeem it before someone else does. Imagine you’re a gladiator in a cage and you’re about to fight someone else. Then all of a sudden a lion shows up! Well it’s really nothing like that at all, infact I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore.