It’s a Lovely Day… for The Behemoth’s Valentine’s Day Fan Art Contest!

Love is in the air… actually, we don’t know what that looks, smells, or tastes like, but what we do know is that what’s actually coming up is Valentine’s Day! Seriously, our calendars told us.

We’re going to make sure that this Valentine’s Day is as lovely as it can be with our 2021 Valentine’s Day Fan Art Contest!

There are two contest categories that you can enter your fan art in: Sweetest and Loveliest. We know these are broad strokes, but we always love to see what our friends and fans come up with when we give you a word to play off of, so do what you feel and make our hearts soar!

We’ll pick a couple of winners from both categories, and those that strike us smitten will find themselves the beholder of some fabulous prizes!

The winner with the Sweetest drawing will be granted a Cupcake Plush, while the winner of the Loveliest category will earn Blacksmith Socks and a Purple Alien Hominid Invasion Bandana!

To enter, make some art, and then post it (or a picture of it) publicly to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with the hashtag #MyBehemothValentine before Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at 11:59 PM PT. Oh, and be sure to mention what category your art is for: Sweetest or Loveliest!

Yes, you get a couple of extra days past February 14th to enter just in case your Valentine’s Day plans particularly inspire you. We’ll take the next week to vote on our winners, then announce them in a spectacular fashion with prizes and all!

And remember, nothing gets a heart pumping like official rules and legal stuff, so be sure to review those here:

•Use #MyBehemothValentine and specify a category (Sweetest or Loveliest) for eligible entry.
•No purchase necessary.
•Must be 18 or older to enter (if in the US), or have parental consent.
•Group entries are allowed! (Only one prize pack per winning individual or group).
•Your entry must be your own creation (or your group’s, parent’s, family’s).
•Only new entries will be accepted (entries that were submitted in previous years will not be eligible).
•You may enter one unique entry to each category (but may not win both).
•International participants are welcome!

I love it already! Too soon?

Alien Hominid Invasion: Streamer Challenge

We’re challenging all the livestreaming Alien invaders to a special competition during PAX Online + EGX Digital! The premise is simple: try to take down the more Agents in a 20-minute in a round of Alien Hominid Invasion, and you could win 100 gifted subscriptions from The Behemoth in your Twitch channel!

Sign up for the Alien Hominid Invasion Streamer Survival Challenge RIGHT HERE.

Before you get out invading, there are a few rules you’ll need to brush up on to make sure your contest entries count.


  • You must play in single-player mode and be set to normal difficulty
  • Your Alien must be level 5 at minimum
  • The attempts must be streamed live on Twitch
  • The winner will be the player that gets the most Agent kills in 20 minutes
  • After the timer hits 20:00:00, leave the level by dying or extracting. Don’t kill more agents on the way out
  • Complete all objectives
  • Attempts can be done on any level, except the ones from first row (A visual example can be seen by clicking here)
  • The Behemoth staff will approve all high scores to make sure they are legit.
  • High scores need to be submitted to the additional form that will be delivered to your provided email after you fill this interest form out!
  • The deadline for submission is September 20th at 10:00 AM PDT

If you think you have what it takes to be the top dog Alien, you can sign up using our super fancy streamer challenge form right here. Once you submit, sit tight and wait for an email to be sent your way!

PS – If you’re streaming Alien Hominid Invasion, you might get a surprise visit from Behemoth staff, so keep an eye out!

We’ll see you on the mothership!