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Head on a Stick

Well, Dan and I were going to go get some exercise, but Kelly let us know that the 300,000th person was about to post to the leaderboards, so we figured it would be better to knock out a quick update instead. The title update is going well- we spent the weekend testing and testing and… Read more »

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Almost There!

I’m not sure if you know this but Castle Crashers releases this Wednesday, August 27th!!! If you’re like me you and you can’t stop looking at the damn countdown on the right side of the page. To help make the time go by faster while we wait we have some great contests spread out through… Read more »

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AH HD Bronze Trophy hunt is underway….

Somebody forgot to figure out that if we started up the leaderboard competition again, one of us would actually have to come into the office to check the leaderboards every Saturday… πŸ™ As you might guess, I got the short straw and so here I am, to announce our first winner and and post a… Read more »

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