PlayStation Indies Sale: Castle Crashers Remastered

PlayStation is home to a number of awesome indie games, and we’re happy that Castle Crashers is one of them. That’s why we’re a part of the PlayStation Indies Sale!

From February 24th through March 10th, you can purchase Castle Crashers Remastered for 40% off in the PlayStation store! This sale is happening in both the SIEA and SIEE regions — for America and Europe!

We know it’s been a while since Castle Crashers Remastered was on sale on the PlayStation, so if you’ve been waiting to pick up the game this is the perfect time. And, while Castle Crashers Remastered originally launched for the PS4, you can also play it on your shiny new PS5 with the platform’s compatibility feature!

Grab your sword (or mace or twig or chicken stick), put on that helmet (of your color of choice), and get out there… we’ll be seeing you in the kingdom!

My Behemoth Valentine 2021 Contest Winners!

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but we still love all the love you gave us this year. The Valentine’s Day Fan Art contest sent tons of Valentine-y drawings and doodles our way, and we’ve selected a couple of very special ones that completely stole our hearts!

You’re all winners in our hearts, but we had to narrow things down and pick the winners that really made our hearts sing from each! This year, we picked three winners from each of our two categories: Sweetest Art and Loveliest Art.

Here are the winners for our 2021 Valentine’s Day Contest!


By Destri321 on Twitter

By Roger Ghost on Twitter

By Favorite__Lie on Twitter


By Lurkin on Twitter

By Veranable on Twitter

By NeonFragment on Twitter

As an honorable mention, we also would like to share this feature film that was created. There was absolutely incredible work and effort that went into this video by Fuzzie, and you can watch it on Twitter here.

You all really tugged on our heart strings — thank you to each and every person that entered fan art into the contest. Thank you, and I love you.

If you want to see all of the entries this year, you can check out the hashtag “#MyBehemothValentine” on your favorite social media sites!

PS (I love you?) – If you’re one of the winners, keep your eyes peeled for a message from the Behemoth Chicken on the social media account you used to enter! We’ll be in touch soon.

Alien Hominid Invasion Developer Notes & Stream Recap: A Visit from Your Old Boss

If you tuned into our last livestream, then you know that Alien Hominid Invasion development is still well underway, and that we’ve been working on a spaceship-full of new and exciting features! If you didn’t tune into our last livestream, Mothership knows, but you can still catch the non-live recap right here:

And if you like to use your readers rather than your watchers, here’s a list of the latest and greatest features from the last couple months of development.

…Well, the ones we’re willing to reveal, at least.

  • New level type: bonus levels with enemy waves. In these bonus levels, death doesn’t matter, and you can rack up rewards. HUD elements will also be orange instead of purple, fun!
  • New boss…? Or something… Who knows. We’re great at teasing.
  • But when you do beat a boss, they begin patrolling the city blocks on your next rampage through the streets
  • Installball has new attacks… like shooting bullets from his eye!!!
  • Megabot now has spinning buddies to aid her. Terrifying!
  • Armored enemies now throw the alien off of them and cannot be thrown themselves
  • Snipers now run away when you get too close
  • Flybots are more fun to break (because they explode on the ground)
  • Uzi and “Lozenge” enemies have deliberate bullet patterns now instead of unpredictable spreads 
  • Sawedoff now pierces armor by default
  • New boost types introduced in loot – damage on roll, damage when picking up coins, damage to robots, revenge damage when being hit, and other gameplay changers 
  • Coin rain now grants larger coin value per pickup – coin stacks!
  • The grenade explosion look is now more concise to help with game clarity
  • Players are now graded in the post-game screen, so stay in school! Or something like that
  • DPS readout for + or – is now reflected in the player setup UI

Development is a long road, and even longer when it goes all the way through space. We appreciate each and every one of you sticking with us while we continue to mold and shape Alien Hominid Invasion into something awesome!’

Wait… what is that? It doesn’t look friendly…