sai, secret double pronged doodlewompus wordleysnord weapon revealed

emil is forcing me to make this post about a weapon you may have seen when we revealed our ninja character (that emil forced us to reveal).Β  so here’s the sai that he was holding and its statistics!!!!!

the wordleysnord will be revealed within the next couple days, i think, and it’s not actually called that.Β  i just made that name up right now because i can’t remember it because there are 189495676829845 weapons in the game.



23 thoughts on “sai, secret double pronged doodlewompus wordleysnord weapon revealed”

  1. So, a ninja + a ninja weapon in a medieval game, where pirates seem more likely then ninjas…
    This game is awesome!!!!

  2. i bet alien hominid is a character… just hard to get and possibly the last to get… maybe some newground characters are coming :3?

  3. But why not? Its a game with knights, ninjas, skeletons, brutes, and aliens… do pirates not fit in?

  4. OH NOzzzzzzz! WHEN TEH PIRATES AND DA’ NINJAS TOUCH, IT MAKES TEH WORLD ESPLODE!!!!!!!!z ok well i think every one should stop worrying ’bout the release date because it has to happen eventually

  5. Stfu you haven’t waited 2 years for this game. They said 2006 and no release they said 2007 and no release and 2008 will hopefully prove different.

  6. Ninjas? Pirates? And with the alien hominid costume probably coming out, ahh if only riobots were there. Perhaps a robot costume?

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