Castle Crashers Crashes to Physical

Castle Crashers has broken through the digital world’s barrier! We were trying to contain the code as it floated around through the cracks in our office’s eggshell, when we saw it gravitating towards something… a Nintendo Switch cartridge?!

That’s right, Castle Crashers Remastered will soon be available in all its glory for Nintendo Switch as a physical product! The game will cost $29.99 and come with a sticker pack and character unlock guide. We’re pretty stoked, as this is the first time one of our games has been released in physical form since Alien Hominid HD was ported to the GameBoy Advance in 2006. Feel old yet?

You can first get your hands on the physical edition of Castle Crashers at PAX West, sold in a show-exclusive bundle of knightly goodies. Wait, something else is crashing into the physical world for the bundle? Is that a Blacksmith plushie?!

In addition to the game, the bundle (pictured above) includes a Blacksmith plushie, Castle Crashers lanyard, random character holo sticker, and a Necromancer postcard, all wrapped up in an adorably-themed donut box. The box will cost $50.00 and be sold daily throughout the show weekend, and the first 100 boxes sold will have a Castle Crashers medallion!

Can’t join us at PAX West? We’ll be hosting a giveaway for the bundle on Twitter (may the blue bird soar on in our hearts), so be sure to be ready to hit that retweet button. Outside of all this, pre-orders for the physical game itself will go live in our online store next month. Welcome to the physical world, Castle Crashers!

Alien Hominid Invasion Demo Mothership Data Report

Greetings, invaders! Next Fest has come and gone, meaning it’s time to share some top-secret intel about the Mothership Data you all gathered for us last week. We’d like to thank each of you for helping us with the Invasion by sharing your thoughts and silly gameplay moments – we value your time and input more than you know!

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for. Drumroll, please…

To explain the intel in a little more detail:

The keyboard warriors win again! But wait, didn’t the Mothership suggest using a controller at the start? Since the demo was on Steam only, I suppose this makes sense in the grand scheme of things.

As for the most challenging foe, it seems the Hunters gave our invaders the most trouble, dealing 7% of all incoming damage toward all aliens. Don’t worry, your time for revenge will come. Surely.

Alien mission failure rate was pretty high at 71.9%, with most invaders losing on the third city block. I wonder what types of enemies you all were encountering then…

Invader kill to death ratio was at 44.8%, with over 6 million invader kills and 135,613 deaths. Great job to all our valiant alien friends for fighting the good fight!

For favorite cosmetics, it was no surprise to see one of our epic Vtuber heads as one of your most chosen items. Sarah has really started a trend here, eh? Honorable mention to the giraffe-like head, and the most popular weapons of course – Energy Knife, Dual Lasers, and the Combustor (what stylish weapons you all chose)!

Total invader playtime was at 21,274 hours – you all spent 2.4 years in a span of a week invading Earth! The Mothership is truly proud.

Once again, thanks to all the earthlings who took the time to try our game and share your thoughts about it! We couldn’t do it without you. Now that it’s all said and done, we’ll keep reviewing our Mothership Data and use it wisely to polish up the game. See you next time~