New Goodies for PAX East 2013

As one Behemoth team prepares for the most epic BattleBlock Theater Beta in the world, another team is working hard on all the plans for the upcoming Penny Arcade Expo in Boston.

For the past few months, the trade show team has been creating prototypes for a couple Behemoth plush designs, a set of game character keychains and even a doggy toy! The prototypes were then sent to the manufacturer we use and what returned to our office is what we think is a very fun set of new goodies for 2013.


A few of things we’ve added:

  • 1st EVER The Behemoth Chicken Plush
  • NEW BattleBlock Theater vinyl keychains
  • NEW Castle Crashers vinyl keychains
  • NEW Alien Hominid vinyl keychain
  • NEW Cat Guard Piggy Bank
  • NEW Cat Guard Dog Toy


We’ll also be bringing some of the Necromancer stuff from the Kickstarter project we did last year. Of course, the arcade cabinets will be back in Boston again for some free play of Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater.

As the event gets closer, we’ll post more photos of what’s to come as well as reveal the PAX East 2013 Exclusive T-shirt design! So mark your calendars for March 22nd to March 24th, because The Behemoth will be invading the  Boston Convention & Exhibition Center at Booth 512 this year!

BattleBlock Theater Beta – February 28th

The start date for our BattleBlock Theater Closed Beta has arrived! Starting February 28, 2013, roughly ten thousand beta testers will gain access to our Beta experience for BBT. We’ve just recently talked about all of the arena modes so if you haven’t had a chance to check it out now is the time.

Here’s a video of what you could look like while playing this game:

That could be you wailing at the screen as you die by the hands of your frienemies. (Oh, no!) Perhaps you’ll be the person giggling gleefully as you bounce across lava blocks into the arms of your partner. (Oh, yes!) Or maybe you’ll be as silent as a bemused mouse. (…) How will you react? You will know only if you register as a BattleBlock Theater Beta Tester!

We only have a couple weeks left before the Beta Test starts, so make sure you’ve signed up!


  • You must be at least 13 years old to participate. Under 18? Then you’ll need to have your parents help with registration.
  • Registrants must have the following: A working Xbox 360 with a reliable internet connection, Xbox LIVE Gold Account and a Behemoth forums account.
  • Individuals should register after reading all documents under Required Reading and be sure that they can fulfill the Prerequisites.

The only way to guarantee that you won’t get into the Beta is if you don’t sign up!