What’s an apocalypse without Zombies?

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Until then, let’s talk a little bit more about what you can expect from our post-apocalyptic world:


You’ve had a chance to learn more about several fighter types in Pit People, including Cupcakes that heal and Hair Trolls that self-heal but take up more Team slots. Now, it’s time we introduce you to a fighter who can resurrect and only takes up half a Team slot!

Meet our zealous Zombies! They can’t wait to go into battle, kick butt, and take some names. But keep in mind that they are a bit sluggish due to dragging dead weight around. These fighters can only move a max of 2 steps per turn.


Luckily, you get two Zombies for the price of one human! These guys are like the mathematical opposite of Cyclopes and Hair Trolls — instead of taking up two Team slots, these fighters take up half a Team slot.

You’ll also notice in these images that the Zombies share helmet & hairstyle options with Human fighters. Anything you can put on a live Human, you can put on a dead one too–assuming they were once human.

In any case, you can rest easy knowing that you get two fighters for the price of one human plus the added value of sharing customization options with live humans. Now let’s take a look at what they can do:

We’re not sure if it’s a lack of dexterity or lack of blood flow to the brain, but these fighters don’t use tools. Zombies only need brute force to attack their enemies. The damage dealt seems relatively low, however…

..when you get a group of Zombies surrounding an enemy you have a higher chance to slow down that enemy with one of those Zombie smacks.

On top of slowing down enemies, Zombies are great against poisonous weapons and also resistant to the farts of Mushrooms. However, they are weak against ice so be sure to get your Zombies away from popsicles and ice mortars!

But let’s not forget about the most thrilling and chilling feature of the Zombies. These guys are already dead so, like Electrobots, Zombies cannot be healed by Cupcake frosting. However, if a Zombie is killed in a fight, there’s a possibility it can crawl out of its grave at a later turn and come back with limited health.

Just be sure nothing is on top of your Zombie gravestone if you want the odds of resurrection to be higher.

All these pros to using these cadavers can be eerily helpful for your team. What are your thoughts on Zombies? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Zombie attacks have the potential to slow down an enemy fighter
  • This fighter comes in pairs, so you’ll get two Zombies for one Team slot
  • They are resistant to poison but weak against ice
  • They have the potential resurrect at a later turn


41 thoughts on “What’s an apocalypse without Zombies?”

  1. Are the newer characters like the zombie and the unicorn going to be added to the character development page on the pit people website?

  2. Go to the pit people website and go to the bottom where the videos are, click the video called “Sneak Peak: The behemoth’s Game 4” and skip to 0:10.

    • Oh wow I guess I had never seen that video before. That video was from a while back so I hope they haven’t scrapped the idea of unicorn fighters and we also haven’t actually seen them playable but hopefully I’m wrong. Speaking of other potential characters what about the green things with coffins at the scene right before the unicorns? Do you think they’ll be playable fighters too? I guess unless Megan confirms it we’ll just have to wait for E3 in the next week (I would imagine that the behemoth is part of the microsoft show? I guess that’s when I think they’ll unveil the beta signups?) Also maybe someone saw our comments because hair troll and zombies now are on the website

      • Well the behemoth said “We’re opening up closed beta registrations in the next few weeks” and I would think that if u can fight the characters then you can probebly capture them and in a multiplayer clip it shows the unicorn named “assassin” so unless things are changed the unicorn should be a playable character

      • They also changed it from “Character Development” to “Fighters of Pit People” and I agree that they saw our comments and then changed it.

      • Yeah where did you find a multiplayer clip with a unicorn? Anyway what do you think about the green goblin/gnomish creatures? Playable? Might they be like the zombies in that it’s 2 per spot?

  3. You must add support on generic usb Joysticks! like in Castle Crashers! it’s a shame that we don’t have support on Battle Block Teather :^(

  4. In the video ‘https://youtu.be/j01wl5az8Zg” or “Pit People: Xbox Spring Showcase Interview (Xbox One and Windows 10)” The players have “Rainbow horse” and besides the little people holding coffins that little is known about there is also what looks like little archers from “Castle Crashers”.

    • Thanks for the video share, it had some things I hadn’t seen before. Yeah the archers are probably going to be playable too. I think to upload an image you need to use gravatar

  5. The “unicorns” are actually “rainbow horses” and maybe the little archer looking guys take up one forth while the coffin guys take up half

      • That’s so great, plus the the behemoth’s “Pit People Closed Beta Teaser 2” said “We’re opening up closed beta registrations in the next few weeks” and that video was released on the ninth.

  6. Do you think the demo will go up to when the hand picks up the town or farther then that showing new things we haven’t seen on video?

    • Well it is a beta so I would assume (or atleast hope) that It’ll go significantly farther than just the hand picking up the town but idk. The main purpose of betas is to fine tune things so they could be more focused on the actual balancing of the characters in multiplayer if they want that to be competitive

  7. Looking at the pinny arcade pin trading pictures there’s some characters I’ve never seen so do you think there’s even more characters then we expect like the archer things, the coffin things, and the other creatures on the pin trading or do you think there will be bosses?

    • I saw the pins and the one I hadn’t recognized was the Jerkimedies guy on the Lizard. With a name like that I would guess that he’s just a special boss enemy but maybe the behemoth has some more tricks up their sleeve (They tend to do that)? I wouldn’t be surprised either way if the lizard rider is a playable “class” or not and also there probably are some “classes” we have just not seen anything about. (Maybe they’re less interesting, Maybe they appear in the game later, or maybe they’re just not developed enough?) There’s plenty of reason to hope for more character classes

      • Apparently I missed one. It had what looked like a fat what I would consider a goblin on a flying throne chair. I would consider this one and the lizard one in the same boat for If they’re playable (look above?)

      • I’m pretty sure the Lizard is going to be a playable Fighter, in Pit People trailer 1, you can see what clearly is the Lizard you were talking about is recruited in one scene.

  8. I feel that they won’t be playable but be bosses like the guy that looks like hirratio but it would be cool if they were playable

    • Oh definitely, This is the behemoth. It will definitely be very story oriented game, don’t worry

  9. I really hope this game is long because I hate when I play a game for two hours and it’s already over

    • Yeah, it should be worth the wait. I know it’s fast paced but it should be way more than two hours

      • It should last very long, especially if they put in online pvp. Right now the Getting all four tragic heros takes about 30 minutes. With quests and trying to get a perfect team it should last at least 20 hours.

  10. Do you think will stamper will be a physical bad guy or provide physical problems for the characters?

    • Um I’m not exactly sure what you mean. I don’t think that you’ll fight stamper but I’m sure he’ll cause physical problems to the players

  11. Maybe the demo is coming out like a week after the 24th because they haven’t revealed any shows after that

  12. Does anyone think we will get a list of acheviments before the beta release and also will the beta have acheviments?

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