Buh-bye Monsters; Hello community playlists!

Welcome to another exciting week of BattleBlock Theater Furbottom’s Features! This week we’re updating both the Co-Op feature and the Solo feature since we had a month of Monster Playlists.
We’re done talking about us for a bit, so let us talk more about you. It’s fun to see what ideas the community comes up with using the built in Level-Editor and so here we are back to highlighting some of those awesome levels:
Cooperative Playlists in Furbottom’s Features
XBLA Co-Op Feature
Togetherwefail3 by leveldesignguy (Re-featured)
Difficulty level: Intermediate
Steam Co-Op Feature
Testing by Byrone
Difficulty level: Intermediate



Solo Playlists in Furbottom’s Features
Our Behemoth-made Monster Playlists took over the Furbottom’s Features slots for a bit, so we decided to bring back the solo playlists that did not get the full 4 week run. BBT players have two more weeks to try out these solo features, especially if you didn’t get to the first time!
XBLA Solo Feature
GiganticBlock by QuirkyTurky
Difficulty level: Expert
Steam Solo Feature
Orange Blocks by Getlucky12341
Difficulty level: Intermediate
FeaturePost_THIEFCompleting all the levels in any of these playlists will be an amazing feat and you’ll be rewarded when you finish all the stages!
Wait! Are you being rewarded or has it been stolen?! The Thief is here to rob the spotlight this week in BattleBlock Theater. Finish Furbottom’s Features Solo or Co-op playlist to capture this bold bandit before she bolts.



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  1. Why does thief look like an asterisk?
    Lazy artist or is it meant to imply that a ‘thief’ stole its face?

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