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Buh-bye Monsters; Hello community playlists!

Welcome to another exciting week of BattleBlock Theater Furbottom’s Features! This week we’re updating both the Co-Op feature and the Solo feature since we had a month of Monster Playlists.

A momentous performance in our Monster Playlists!

This is not your mommy’s playlists – this is for the rage in “outrageous”, the ouch in “ouch-this-hurts”. Think hard, play quick, and don’t give up. You’ll be rewarded with The Monster! (And as an added bonus, get King this week!)

Special Prisoners for XBLA and Steam

Today we’ve updated the Solo Features for BattleBlock Theater, but we’re giving out a different prisoner for each platform when you complete either the solo or co-op Furbottom’s Features this next week!