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Furbottoms Features – Now updated!

Furbottom’s Features has just been updated with a new co-op playlist! And who should join us at the end of your quest? Why, a hero in his own right, just in time for Comic Con! Get Blocketeer and Moose today!

BBT Arena Features and Steam Selling/Trading on pause

This week we’ve put a couple of things on pause for different reasons. We wanted to keep you up to date and keep you in the know. Read up on what we’ve got going on for Arena Features and special unlocks.

Finish Furbottoms Features? Adder Boy!

Finish Furbottoms Features this weekend? Adder Boy! Oh, and look out for a Triple Threat coming to BattleBlock Theater too! More prisoner unlocks and Featured community playlists have just arrived with Furbottom’s Fridays!