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Our XBLA games under $5 this week!

Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater are on sale in the Xbox LIVE Arcade Marketplace for a limited time only! Both are under $5 USD before April 14, 2014. Unlock Hatty and the Knight with both games!

Presents for all! Re-released prisoner on BBT!

Yesterday, we did a little virtual party to celebrate our BattleBlock Theater XBLA birthday! Now, we’ll continue the good times online with a new Arena Feature playlist and we’ve also re-released a prisoner as a gift to you.

Happy Birthday BattleBlock Theater!

We remember it like it was a year ago: We sailed the stormy waters looking for an island made entirely of candy, and ended up on the adventure of a lifetime. Today’s the one-year-anniversary of our BattleBlock Theater release!