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Alright, we’ve arrived at PAX. Now what?

We’ve been super busy setting up our mega booth of happiness for all PAX East attendees to marvel and drool over. For those of you who can’t control your drool, please do it in another booth so we don’t have to put up a bunch of “Caution: Floors Slippery When Drooled On” signs all over… Read more »

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PAX PRIME ’11 Preparation & Updates!

The Behemoth team will be headed up to Seattle for our 6th appearance at PAX Prime rockin’ Booth #3003, and our BIGGEST booth to date. We’ll be showing the latest build of BattleBlock Theater and a surprise iOS game demo!   Look out for these PAX Exclusives! Chonku-Chonku Machine You like surprises, right? We brought an authentic… Read more »

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Storytime with BattleBlock Theater

Greetings!  I bring news of BattleBlock Theater, mysterious and exciting new screenshots of our cinematics, and upcoming Tradeshow information! In past tradeshows we’ve shown BattleBlock Theater’s Arena modes and Arena modes ONLY,  all while having parts of this really cool Story mode. We weren’t positive whether Story mode would be ideal at a tradeshow because… Read more »

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