PAX West 2017 – Set Up & Day 1 Recap

We’ve had a busy weekend so far at PAX West 2017. Half of our team came earlier in the week to start building the booth from the ground up.

The GES crew rigging the signs

Then before we knew it, a few days passed by quickly and it was the night before PAX! On Thursday, we just had finishing touches in the Gift Shop and on the arcade cabinets. Everyone worked hard to get out of there before dinner — unlike previous years where we’ve stayed until the wee hours of the night. GOOD JOB, TEAM!

Setting up the Gift Shop

Friday morning, which is Day 1 of PAX West, we started off the event with our Press Breakfast at 9AM. All Media badge holders were welcome to partake in pastries and coffee to kick off their weekend.

At 10AM, the expo hall opened up to all attendees and then the booth was bustling with players on the arcade cabinets and queuing up for the Gift Shop.

On Friday, we also held our first ever Pit People PVP Challenge at PAX West.

All participants get a prize for playing, but players who make it to Round 3 and come out victorious will get a Pit People figurine + Pit People plush set + scarf + pin! Whoa!!! We had four Round 3 winners on this first day:

PVP Challenge Winner: Wyatt


PVP Challenge Winner: Anne


PVP Challenge Winner: Danny


PVP Challenge Winner: Jerrod

Congrats to all of the winners and thank you to everyone who came out to play! To see more photos from these days, click the links below:

PAX West 2017 – Set Up (Flickr Album)
PAX West 2017 – Day 1 (Flickr Album)

PAX West 2017 – Pit People PVP Challenge

Are you ready for a fight in the Pit? Well, get your PVP practice on now because you’re going to need to sharpen those skills before PAX West if you want to join our Pit People PVP Challenge!

We’re going to have 1v1 matches Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of PAX West at booth 1501 on our custom-built arcade cabinets! Matches will start at 1PM Friday thru Sunday and they’ll continue on until late afternoon.

Every player gets a prize! (Like Pinny Arcade Pins, Patches, Scarves, Beard Trimmings, Plushes, and More!) There’s also a grand prize to aim for: an all-new Pit People Figurine and CASH!


TL;DR – Winner Stays, Loser Pays Gets a Prize and a Handshake!

  • Winning two preliminary matches gets you a shot on our Spotlight Cabinet.
  • After each preliminary match, the winner will stick around for their next challenge, and the loser will receive a prize based on how many times they won.
  • Winning on the Spotlight Cabinet (a.k.a. The third consecutive fight) earns you the grand prize!

Other Rules:

  • You can compete for prizes once per day.
  • If you win the grand prize, you’re done winning prizes (congrats!)
  • You have to play against a human being to progress. No AI Matches!
  • Staff decisions are final.

If you’re interested in getting more details on the tournament or if you want to participate, ask one of our staff at the booth about the Pit People PVP Tournament!

We’d also love to see any photos or videos taken of the PVP Tournament, so please tag your posts on social media with #PitPeoplePVP and #PAXWest2017!

Keep up with our latest booth updates by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. See you in the Pit!

PAX West 2017 – New Behemoth Merch

Come visit our Gift Shop at PAX West (Booth 1501) for the full list of items we’ll have this year at the booth. For now, here are some cool things coming to PAX West for the first time ever:

PAX West 2017 Exclusive Tee ($20 each, limited sizes while supplies last)

Hey, cuties! Let’s start things off with a fresh new PAX West exclusive tee with Jerkimedes from Pit People. It’ll come in midnight blue (oohhh~) and there are limited quantities so get it while supplies last!

Pit People Figurines ($45 $40 each individual figurine)

Next up, we’ve got the first ever Pit People figurines in the world!!! That’s right, folks — these figurines are making their debut at PAX West 2017 Booth 1501!

Take home Horatio, Pipistrella, and Yosef — first of their name. These will stand 6“ to 7” tall (depending on hat or hairstyle) and they come in a sturdy box of their own.

The figurines will retail at $45 each in the future, but we’re going to have a special debut price of $40 each at PAX West! Get them at our Gift Shop while supplies last.

Chonku Chonku ($5 each capsule)

One Castle Crashers mini-figurine in each capsule. Collect them all!

We’ll have 12 Chonku Chonku machines, which will have blind-box capsules filled with your choice of Castle Crashers knights mini-figurines (1 in each capsule), Pins (Series 4, Series 5, Series 6, or Series 8 pins; 1 in each capsule), and all-new Patches (3 random patches in each capsule).

Pit People Plushies ($25 each)

They made their expo debut at PAX East this year and they’ll be available at PAX West for the first time ever! Choose from Cupcake, Rainbow Horse, Mushroom, or Space Bear.

Or get them all and you’ll get a free Behemoth Baggu bag (retail $10) with the Pit People plush bundle!

There will also be several other t-shirt designs, keychains, and hats available at PAX West. Patrons will get a classic Behemoth drawstring bag free with any purchase!