PAX East 2017 – First Ever Pit People Tournament of Attendees!

Turn your turn based abilities into some turn based butt-kicking and awesome prizes at PAX East!!!

Have you been itching to show the world your Pit People combat skills? Well, we are itching to itch you see what you’ve got in our competitive, single elimination tournament. No co-op play here, just head to head 1v1 fights. You lose? You’re out! So get prepared to be laughed at by the 15 other daily competitors! Assemble your randomly generated team and fight like the champion you know you are! YAY! Victory could be yours! Win PRIZES like a trip to visit the ISS!**


2017 Fan Art Contest Winners

Happy Monday, everyone! We had an amazing response to the Valentine’s Day Fan Art Contest this year with over 130 entries from very talented fans. Our community is overflowing with love!!!

The judges had a difficult time narrowing it to the Top 3 as we originally had intended having three prizes — so we broke our own rules and decided on the Top 5! The five winners below will get a pink knight figurine and a game code of their choice. Congrats to all the winners!

To see all of this year’s entries, check out the 2017 Fan Art Contest forum thread.

Top 5 Fan Art Entries: