The King Pack!

On Wednesday (Jan14th) we are going live with our first of two downloadable content packs for Castle Crashers. The King Pack will include the following additions to the game: New Characters! Open Faced Gray Knight King New Weapons! NG Lollipop NG Gold Sword King’s Mace (equipped with the King) New Animal Orbs! Pelter (Seal) New… Read more »

Empty Promises – Weapons Dump

In the past few weeks we’ve released some more weapons in the random posts that we have put up. I was waiting until I had some free time on my hands to post all of them, but as Dan is forcing me to post this right now I guess we all benefit from it.  So… Read more »

sai, secret double pronged doodlewompus wordleysnord weapon revealed

emil is forcing me to make this post about a weapon you may have seen when we revealed our ninja character (that emil forced us to reveal).  so here’s the sai that he was holding and its statistics!!!!! the wordleysnord will be revealed within the next couple days, i think, and it’s not actually called… Read more »