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San Diego Comic Con 2018 – Booth 329

Itโ€™s our 15th year exhibiting at San Diego Comic Con and this year marks our 15th Anniversary as well! In honor of this momentous occasion, weโ€™re doing our first-ever San Diego Comic Con exclusive + we’ll have tons of other merch as well.

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PAX East 2018 – Pit People First Blood Challenge

So youโ€™ve been at the top of your Pit People Daily Tournament bracket every day this week… now itโ€™s time to put those skills and confidence to the test and see if you’ve got what it takes to draw first blood at PAX East 2018!

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PAX East 2018 – Booth 14005

We’re currently planning our Boston trip in April. This year the expo runs for four days so you’ll be able to visit us for an extra day! We’re bringing back arcade cabinets, our Gift Shop, and hosting a couple events at our booth!

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