San Diego Comic-Con 2019: The Recap

It’s always wonderful be able to attend a show right in our backyard… even if that backyard is much, much too small for all of our visiting friends. Regardless, San Diego Comic-Con was one crowded, sweaty, close-up get together and we had another excellent year being a part of it!

Those that braved the sea of people to reach us in Hall A were met with a bright blue booth bursting with Behemoth-y goodness. Attendees got to play our Castle Crashers Switch demo, enter fun contests to try to win goodies, and even meet the one and only Dan himself!

You can get a little taste of Comic-Con from our recap video:

If that wasn’t enough and you’re still hungry for more, you can view our Comic-Con photo album right here.

It never gets old having people run up to tell us that they love playing Castle Crashers with their friends, family, dog, or whoever. We’re grateful to be able to create these experiences for people, and we’ve got more coming.

Of course, summer isn’t over yet and neither is our tradeshow tour! Next up is none other than PAX West, and we’re going to pull out all the stops for Seattle!

See ya soon!


The Behemoth

(It’s not weird if we say love, right? We felt like we were ready to take that step, so we just did. Love you.)