BattleBlock Theater: The Final Five

Update 2/14: The last two of the final five was announced
And then there were five.


Since we released BattleBlock Theater in April 2013, we’ve had a plethora of prisoners revealed and added to your special star prisoner category.


We whetted your appetites for unlocks with Donuts and Sausage. We shared the prisoners near and dear to us, like Winston and Behemoth Chicken. There were fun animated prisoners, like the Lava Lamp and Boom. There were uniquely sized ones, like Tiny Monkey and 50% Off Prisoner. The holidays throughout the year were celebrated with their very own special prisoners: Santa, Turkey, Rose and even Manbirth! Inside jokes, winks and nods were given when we announced prisoners such as King, Buckle Your Pants, and Fat Kid. Within less than a year, we released over 50 special prisoners in BattleBlock Theater!


Now, we’re down to the final five. These prisoners will be released in a matter of weeks and you’ll only get a limited amount of time to get each one. So be sure to check this blog often!
The 1st of Five: Barbarian
The 2nd of Five: FBI Agent 2
The 3rd of Five: Groundhog

The 4th of Five: Ms. Pump
The 5th of Five: Thief
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