Merchandise new to PAX East

Update 2/19/2015: Added new info on pins

EXCITE! There’s so much we’re bringing to PAX East for the first time ever, including our Game 4 demo and some expo only merchandise. We hope your eyeballs get excited when you see these never before seen official merchandise! Here’s what we’re bringing to booth 5020:

1. Hatty Hattington Statue
Our Hatty Bust was first released at RTX 2014, but this will be the first time that PAX East attendees will get a chance to get this statue.

It’s the perfect gift to get signed at our free autograph sessions from 2-4PM* on Friday & Saturday of the expo. (*Subject to change)

2. Castle Crashers Plushies

These Castle Crashers plush knights are actually available in our online store if you’re unable to go to PAX East, but for attendees of the expo you’ll be able to pick up the set and avoid shipping costs! It will be the first time we bring these little guys to an expo.

3. Hatty Tissue Box Cover
Our newest addition to our line of BattleBlock Theater merchandise is this fitted Hatty Hattington tissue box cover, perfect for a square tissue box. Hatty can’t wipe away his tears, but he’ll help you with yours! (Snot, too. If you’re into using it for that sort of thing.)

paxeast2015exclusivetee4. Pax Exclusive T-shirt

Two Game 4 characters have made it on to our PAX East exclusive tee for 2015! Meet Sofia and Gluten! We will have a limited number of these t-shirts & limited sizes, so get to our booth early for this exclusive t-shirt.

5. Pinny Arcade Pins
We’re bringing a new set and they’ll be available in our Chonku Chonku machines again! This means that you’ll be able to buy our official Pinny Arcade pins at our booth and they’re all blind-boxed in the machines just like in previous years.

This year, we’re bringing 5 new designs to PAX East (Series 4 pins)! Two designs (left) are from BattleBlock Theater and three (to the right) are from our upcoming game, code named “Game 4.” For $10, you will get to spin for one of these designs at random. We’re also bringing back Series 1, 2, & 3 pins from previous shows! Series 1-3 will be consolidated into one Chonku Chonku machine, so you could get one of 14 designs at random. These are the last of the last of the last ones you can get! While supplies last.

If you want to trade, you can ask other pin collectors really nicely and you’re welcome to do trading at our booth!

Happy collecting!

PAX East 2015 – Booth 5020

We’re coming up on our 6th year at PAX East! That’s right, we’ve been going since year one of the expo.
Our booth is in the same location by the escalators, but the booth numbers have changed this year. Look for us on the map – Booth #5020!
We can’t wait to bring our Game 4 demo to the East Coast for the 1st time! If you missed our recent reveal of Cupcakes, you can find our development blog post HERE. Just like in past years, our games will be shown on our custom built arcade cabinets. You won’t want to miss the chance to play this expo-only experience.
More details to come about the demo and our new merchandise we’ll be bringing to PAX East. Come back soon, ya hear?