Beta Power Level: Over 9000!

Humans….we are departing Earth’s atmosphere!!!

With our brains being turned to jelly as we punch through Earth’s gravitational pull, we want to shout from the heavens a big fat THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our Beta over the weekend. PBJ! With only 72 hours downside, we were able to invade thousands and thousands of steam libraries, bringing us to a power level beyond our imagination! Imagine that!

And what, some may ask, did our hoard of super saiyliens do with such power on Earth? Well, they ran around striking terror and fear into the hearts of the beefiest and armoriest of agents! In three days, players racked up to a whopping 4.5 million kills  broken pairs of sunglasses! Take that, Agents!

Like all good invasions, the beta must come to an end. Definitely not because SOMEONE (looking at you Gerald) forgot to pack the extra fuel cells. Because of you all we have plenty of data, feedback, alien trail mix, more data, gameplay data and another dollop of hard data to crunch on our long trip home.

We can not understate how much we appreciate your participation in the beta, since your direct feedback helps us make the game more fun for everyone! Yes, more funner, YES!

Special thanks to the many gamers who were brave enough to participate in the beta challenge…so challenging! It was the challenge of the ages! So without further adieu, here are the beta challenge winners…drum roll please!

  • Fastest HQ Clear: 0:47 – Riley Rains
  • Longest Solo Survival: 4:00:01 – Shiro
  • Highest High Score (Co-op): 438,694,010 – Jarr-bear & LucrativeMoist
  • Highest High Score (Solo): 400,304,084 – KOONBOAT

And last but not least, an extra extraterrestrial special award goes out to longtime community member Destri, who logged an INSANE 13+ hours in their solo survival run. We never knew that some gamer chairs included catheters….GO DESTRI!

But wait…what do these fine souls GET for their achievements ?!?!?!?!?

Nothing is for certain at this precise moment because McShippington’s will be packing out the galactic gift box with the finest of merch from our store in the near future, but the winners will be getting a super awesome handmade trophy like the one below!

Alien Hominid Invasion Beta Incoming!

Contacting all carbon based life forms! The time draws near for the dawning of a new age, an age full of explosions, mayhem and of course, Aliens! We are eggstatic to announce that the Alien Hominid Invasion Beta is going live in THIS FRIDAY from November 12th-November 14th

Sign Up Here –

More Info –

As part of the mayhem, we are going to be hosting a challenge which lasts until November 14th, and invading streams on beta launch day, Friday November 12th.

The winners of the competition will win a free copy of Alien Hominid Invasion and a mysterious galactic gift box! Our inner sources inform us gift box likely contains merch (and maybe even a trophy), but extended exposure carries the risk of contracting space parasites, which are known to cause mutation and/or alien transformation.

AHI Beta Challenge Rules

All you have to do to win is try your darndest not to end up like this little guy. Well, technically that’s not allll you have to do…here are the rules!

The challenge is split into four separate categories. Category one and two are high scores, so whoever gets the highest score wins! Category three and four are timed categories so who ever has the longest or fastest time respectively wins!  Categories 1-3 can be done on any level, other than the first level on a new profile or a bonus level (for timed challenge). To qualify, the level must be completed from start to finish on normal or insane. 

The Categories:

  • Highest Single Player Score
  • Highest Co-op Score
  • Longest Single Player Survival (minimum D in damage)
  • Fastest HQ Clear (only boss level)

And the most crucial rule: HAVE FUN!

AHI Beta Challenge Submission

Well don’t just stand there with your ice cream… you have a challenge to win!

To submit your entry, simply email us the following information to games[at]thebehemoth[dot]com:

  • A link to your VOD (on Google Drive, Twitch, Youtube, or Dropbox) with the category you are competing in and your name in the subject.
  • Your time/score (Please be sure to record your score total at the end of the level in your VOD)

If any cheating or hacking is found in the VOD, the submission (and any other submissions from that person) will be disqualified. If competing in multiple categories, send a separate email for each one, following the guidelines above. 

Only one submission allowed per category per person, and any one person can not win more than one category. All submissions must be made before the end of the day on November 14th. Winners will be announced by Wednesday, November 17th.