Super Mega64 meets BattleBlock Theater

Edit: If you missed the live stream on June 30, 2015, the videos can be found here.

This month, we partnered up with Mega64 to do some super sweet stuffs. Derrick Acosta from Mega64 is a fan of level building, so he created a Solo Adventure Playlist in BattleBlock Theater. We’re highlighting the playlist as part of Furbottom’s Features, so you’ll have a chance to play “Super Mega64!” Read our level designers’ comments on the playlist and see some sneak peek screen shots here.

You can also check out their design process in the video below. The recording is from a live stream they did a couple weeks ago on their segment called “Poorly Played Stream.” Warning: some strong language may be inappropriate for the ears of young children…

Watch live video from Mega64Podcast on Twitch

Mega64’s playlist was originally created on the XBLA version of BattleBlock Theater, but our Behemoth level design team copied their levels block by block, using the BBT level editor, and put the playlist up in Steam. So both Steam and XBLA players will get to experience this rad set of levels birthed by the brains of Mega64!

Oh and speaking of birth, you’ll be able to get Manbirth when you complete either the Solo or Co-Op Furbottom’s Features! Get this strangely appropriate special unlock for a limited time only!


Continuing with the awesome collaboration, we’re doing a live stream with Mega64 on June 30th, from 3:30-4:30PM PDT! We’ll be playing through the “Super Mega64” playlist on Furbottom’s Features and chatting with the guys about what’s good. We’ll also be keeping an eye on the chat room, so feel free to drop us a line while you’re watching live.

Bookmark or subscribe to our Twitch channel and be sure to come watch next Tuesday!

Mega64 guest star on our next Play with the Devs!

We’re excited to announce that our friends Mega64 will be joining us on our next Play with the Devs live Twitch TV stream next Thursday! We’ve collaborated with Mega64 in the past and happy to bring them to our studio for a super two hour long episode where The Behemoth and Mega64 team up to duel the gaming community!

Mega64 at PAX

Yes, Rocco, Derrick, and Shawn of Mega64 will be pairing up with Dan, Aaron, Kyle and Megan of The Behemoth for an epic battle in BattleBlock Theater. We’ll host the games under Mr P Furbottom and Mr H Hattington and play the newest Arena features playlist against random teams of fans.

Join us in the chatroom, watch us play or play against us on June 27th!


Play with the Devs w/ guest star Mega64

Date: Thursday, June 27th, 2013
Time: 1:00 p.m to 3:00 p.m PDT

For our first hour, we’ll be doing some local game play with the Mega64 guys and then opening it up to the community in the second hour. So you can watch us battle each other and find our weaknesses before you go up against us!

Location: Our Twitch TV channel