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Some Mid June Updates

We’re still blasting away at bug fixes, and the game is looking more and more stable every day!! In the meantime there are some updates to talk about. First up we have our little re design for thebehemoth.com page that you should definitely go check out.   In addition, I’m adding similar changes to our… Read more »

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Castle Crashers is completely completed

Castle Crashers is completely completed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel really great about how the final product has come out after playing through a few times last night. I’m very proud of what our team was able to accomplish. This game is undoubtedly the largest 360 XBLA game that has any kind of story; Large in scope, takes… Read more »

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Rainy February

It’s been a rainy February, and as we head into March everyone here at The Behemoth is excited about Castle Crashers! For the first time in our company history we’ve hired an in-house test team. These four individuals (Lawrence, Andre, Dustin and Kelly) are on a quest to test the crap out of Castle Crashers…. Read more »

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