Design with the Devs – August 1st from 3-5PM


Hey there! Did you miss us? We’ve been away from Twitch TV for about a month now since we had the Rooster Teeth Expo and San Diego Comic Con, but we’re back!

This week we’re going to do another Design with the Devs on Thursday,  August 1st, from 3-5pm PST. It will be us, the Level Design Team, playing through three user created arena playlists against the community while chatting about their various positive qualities. Then we’ll announce the Featured Arena playlist the next day!

You know you want to join in the fun and learn more about what it means to us to design a thoroughly enjoyable BattleBlock Theater level.

Design with the Devs – June 14th

On the next Very Special Episode of Design with the Devs, the BattleBlock Theater Level Design team faces a challenge unlike any they’ve encountered before…

…which wouldn’t take much because it’s only our second episode, but you get the idea.


While we spent last episode discussing that week’s Furbottom’s Features candidates, this time around we’ll be putting our thumbs where our controller is by designing a new batch of Arena levels live on Each designer will take a turn on the Couch of Creation for a bit of building and friendly interrogation, and then once we’re done digging our virtual graves, we’ll host our newly minted levels online so that you can push us into our self made death-traps over and over again for your amusement.

Like what we made? Enjoy your favorite death-trap by punching us into it. Don’t like what we made? Well, maybe just punch us. See? It’s a win-win.

Whether you end up learning from us or just learning from our mistakes, you can join us at our Twitch channel on Friday, June 14th, from 3-5pm PST! We’ll be in the chat rooms per usual and there will even be a chance to win an autograph copy of Dan Paladin’s rare Watermelon CD!